Ever heard of Blue Monday? Sadly, it’s not even a sexy Monday. The third Monday in January is officially christened ‘Blue’ as it has been scientifically calculated to be the most depressing day of the year, but we don’t buy it. Here are 18 reasons to be HAPPY on ‘Blue Monday’.

1. You’re alive
Did you wake up with a healthy body and mind this morning? That’s enough reason to make you happy. Got a Frame session booked in today too? Well, that’s even more of a reason to be happy!

2. We’re at Old Street station for the month
Commute through Old Street? Even if you don’t we’re here for a month so come and have a 30-minute workout, strut like Beyonce or just come and say hi. We’ll make you smile.

3. Restore Your Frame with us
Feeling overwhelmed? We have meditation. No, it’s not hippy dippy and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Meditation and mindfulness guru, Jody Shield will be at Frame towards the end of January taking you through an Energising Meditation session. Only positive energy and high vibes here!

4. All your days food for you from us
If you don’t have time for meal-prep we have a Frame First Aid Kit for £15 that will feed you for a whole day!

5. Two words: Dance Cardio
If you’ve never been to a Dance Cardio class, you’re missing out. Even if you’re not in the best mood, Dance Cardio will definitely get you there – especially when you’re rocking to Bieber. No coordination? Join us anyway, free styling is highly encouraged.

6. Hug the person next to you
Hugging is proven to make you feel happier! Go on; give your neighbour a squeeze. Maybe ask them first, just to avoid seeming creepy.

7. Your friends and family
Who are the most important people in your life? If you’re feeling unhappy think of 5 people who cares for you and loves you. What amazing times have you had? Did you drag them to Frame for a Total Body workout and did this almost ruin your friendship or bring you closer together?

8. Because we have a Britney Spears Dance Workshop this month
Who ever says that they’ve never wanted to learn the moves to ‘Baby One More Time’ is lying.

9. You’re fortunate
Need a little extra help loving your life and being grateful? Love Guru’s Vickie and Selina from Project Love always make us smile. And they’ll be here on V-day to teach us all about the art of life design and what it takes to create a life that BURSTING with love! ( Book ‘How to Design a Life You Love‘ now)

10. You can punch things
Need to release some anger? Not on humans…we have another alternative. Come to our Boxing Workshop on Saturday 23rd January learn some proper boxing techniques and jab, cross, hot, uppercut until you release all that tension!

11. Frame Victoria
We’re opening Frame Victoria in April 2016. That’s right SW1, we’re coming for you!

12. The sun is shining
It might be cold – no wait, FREEZING outside, but get your beanies on, wrap up and soak up the vitamin D. The sun is shining so get outside – even if it’s just for 10 minutes during your lunch break!

13. Frame is on SALE!
That’s right, we have up to 40% off our Activewear at all our studios. Lululemon leggings anyone?

Frame Victoria, opening April 2016

14. Turkey Holiday
Only just back to work and need a holiday? Come to Turkey with us! Our Frame Yoga Retreat doesn’t involve a week-long wine-embargo or a strict lentils only diet. This is the perfect hol to get healthy, recharge have fun with like-minded people and eat delicious food in idyllic surroundings.

15. Dry January is nearly over
For those of you partaking in Dry January – you’re halfway through! Come and have a cocktail with us on Thursday 4th February with Belvedere Vodka to start February off with…a drink! And if you’re not doing dry January, you can also join Belvedere on 28th Jan for a cocktail or two!

16. Mini Barre and Cake
Workout, eat the cake. Seriously though! On Saturday 30th Jan, join Leah and Daisy, Founders of London-based raw superfood cake makers, The Hardihood’ for 30-mins of mini-barre and cake at Frame Old Street!

17. Pineapples and Flamingo printed workout gear
Because you can buy Activewear with pineapples and flamingo’s printed all over them. Need we say more? We <3 L’urv.

18. It’s only 341 days until Christmas
Okay, we might have a while to go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start counting down! When is it appropriate to wear those Christmas hats again I wonder?

Be silly, be happy, just because!



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