21 FRAME-Friendly Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy

By Jayne Robinson

A girl sweating after a Frame workout

FRAME-Friendly Ways to Keep Fit

Happy Friday, Framers and Framettes! We’ve got a lot of stuff going on in all our studios at the moment and we’re super excited about the launch of our new Kings X studio in October! (Yay!). It’s #FitnessFriday today so we thought we’d share some of our favourite FRAME-Friendly Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy. So without further ado, here are our 21 top tips and tricks.

1. At FRAME we RUN! – it might not be your favourite way to keep fit, but running does keep you fit and healthy inside and out. If you like running and yoga come to our Tribe Yoga Run tomorrow. Tribe will lead you through a run from FRAME Shoreditch to Victoria Park and you’ll arrive back at the studio where you’ll #RestoreYourFrame for 60 minutes of yoga.

2. Practice Mindfulness – it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed with our busy schedules, but just 10-minutes a day of mindfulness can make a huge difference to your mood and happiness. Expert Jody Shield’s tells us about the 5 Steps for Mindfulness to be a Happier, Healthier You.

3. Squat Like a Boss – do you really know how to pull off the perfect squat? Squats engage the lower half of the body, hit the core, shoulders, back and help you build muscle. FRAME PT Robb talks to Healthy Magazine about how to do a squat and how to do it right.

4. Have your cake and eat it too – healthy eating doesn’t have to be skipping dessert and peering at your friend’s victoria sponge out the corner of your eye. Fancy cake? Have it! Fancy a Triple Chocolate Cheesecake? Head over to Well + Happy (right around the corner from FRAME Shoreditch) for a Friday fix. Not only is it delicious and will satisfy your sweet tooth, but it’s raw, vegan and refined sugar-free.

5. Invert Your FRAME – we like breaking the rules at FRAME and Rocket Yoga definitely breaks the rules of traditional yoga practice. FRAME instructor and one of the Boys of Yoga, Marcus Veda teaches Rocket each week at our Shoreditch studio and his 90-minute ‘marathon’ class (as he calls it) will leave you feeling energised, sweaty and deserving of your savasana.

6. Workout like the Hemsley sisters – if you’re new to FRAME and don’t yet know what class to try out, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley talk puppies, Pilates and post-workout snacks with Huffington Post and we just love what they have to say about their fave FRAME classes.

7. Stay hydrated – how many times have you heard this? Before you sigh and turn your head away, it really is important to keep hydrated. There are many ways to spike your H2O though to make it more exciting and the Women’s Health’s article, 5 Upgrades For Your Water Bottle tell us how to do it.

8. Drink coconut water – Instead of opting for water why not reach for coconut water? Known as nature’s version of Gatorade, coconut water provides potassium and sodium and a small amount of carbohydrate to help replenish the energy depleted during your FRAME Cardio class.

Marcus Veda Boys of Yoga showing us a balancing arm pose

9. Snack healthy – with our lives as busy as they are, we’re always running around from meeting to meeting grabbing anything we can find to eat just to tie us over until our next meal. Check out the FRAME Guide to Smart Snacking for some ideas.

10. Eat a well-balanced diet – it’s hard to know what to eat for every meal. Our in-house nutritionist, Libby Limon shares her daily menu and how she eats healthy even on busy and long days. Check out our blog post, What Do Nutritionists Really Eat?

11. To BARRE or not to BARRE? That is the question – fancy a strong and tight core? Are BARRE workouts for you? BARRE workouts give you long, lean and toned limbs plus a super pert butt. So get yourself to a class – no if’s just really great butts.

12. Ditch the diets – how many diets have you tried in the past? And how many times have you fallen off that bandwagon? Diets don’t work and nutritionist, Chris Sandel will tell you 5 reasons why.

13. Drink your greens – green smoothies are a great compliment to any diet or lifestyle, and self-taught gourmet vegetarian chef and author Natasha Corrett gives us the perfect recipe. Or if you’re not a proud owner of a Nutri-Bullet head over to our Smoothie Bar at Shoreditch and Queen’s Park and we’ll whip one up for you ready for when you come out of Ass & Abs.

14. Choose happiness – every morning we wake up we have a choice to be happy or to be miserable. Happy people maintain a positive outlook on life and remain at peace with themselves. Here are some things that happy people do.

Instructor at FRAME Gede Foster showing us how to BARRE

15. Body + Swim – with our Kings X studio opening in October (are you as excited as we are?!), we’re making the most of our summer evenings and you should join us for an hour of BODY by FRAME followed by a dip in the crystal clear Kings Cross pond. Next one’s on 9 September so get booking!

16. Get vogueing – want a banging body like Jane Fonda and Madonna? Well, on 25th August we’re bringing you 80s Aerobics to Pop Brixton –minus the dodgy outfits and haircuts of course.

17. Enjoy Happy Hour – it’s Friday so it’s somewhat mandatory to have a gin and tonic in hand. And there’s nothing wrong with having a drink and giggling with your friends until the wee hours of the morning. But if you’re interested here is some advice from nutritionist Chris Sandel on Alcohol’s Effect On Your Body.

18. Have fun – getting fit is about jumping on a trampoline in our Rebound class and learning the moonwalk to MJ. FRAME is all about getting up, moving around and having fun. No need to sit in spin for an hour – unless that’s what you’re into, obvs.

19. Carb up – If you’re ever in need of some quick-release energy to rescue you from a hangover stick to simple carbs. A baked sweet potato or a meal with rice is ideal. These foods are quickly digested in the body and just what you’ll need when you’re a quivering mess.

20. Sleep – getting a good night’s sleep after a 14-hour day and your BODY class is important. Not only will it benefit your heart and weight, it will also boost your mood and keep you from drowning yourself in cups of coffee throughout the day just to keep you from randomly dozing off.

21. Strut like Beyonce – who wouldn’t want a bod like Queen B? On Saturday 19th September we’re hosting a 2-hour Beyonce Workshop where you’ll learn some amazing moves to some of her greatest hits. Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh…

We could go on and on with FRAME-Friendly tips and tricks, but we know you’ve got to get to class. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook / Instagram and our Twitter page @MoveYourFrame to get all the launch updates.

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