4 Places to Retox After a Visit to Frame Kings Cross

By Jayne Robinson

You’ve sweated it out, now time to chill 'round the corner with a cold drink and/or shake that toned booty on the dancefloor.

When it came to finding a spot for post-yoga drinks near our five London studios, we turned to BarChick. After five years of telling you about the best bars in the city they’ve just launched a new app where you can also chat to a BarChick anytime to get personalised recommendations… And then let them book you in. It’s like having your very own boozing PA.

First up are four hot spots near Frame King’s Cross and our new King’s Cross Yoga Studio…

It might still look like an old grain store but follow the smell of roasting coffee beans and you’ll find Caravan, the place for your post yoga pick-me-up (ours is an Espresso Martini). It’s all exposed brickwork and long hanging lights, the kind of place you’ll expect to find macBooks propped up at the bar and newspaper readers getting caffeine highs just by hanging near the 25kg coffee roaster. If you’re here for brunch join the queue honey, word’s out that it’s one of the best in town. There’s also an all-day menu so swing by for a snack and a fresh coffee or settle in for a long lunch and hit the prosecco on tap. On. Tap.

Drake & Morgan
The newest kid in this part of town, think two art deco-inspired floors, with dark walls and gold features – it’s date night galore. The cocktails are next level, check this out and If you’re starving post Kettlebells tuck into epic eats like Lobster Mac & Cheese and Short-Rib Pot Pie all day (you deserve it).

Keystone Crescent
This one’s members only – you need the keyring and the keypad code but the good news in that we can totally get you in on the secret. Download the BarChick app and chat to us, or sign up for our free text concierge and we’ll hook you up and get it booked. The drinks come pre-batched, so no need to go thirsty waiting after your workout and you can keep going all night ‘cos doors don’t close till 4am Friday-Sunday baby.

German Gymnasium
This epic building in Kings Cross is used to be a gym, so there’s probably nowhere more fitting to hit post work out. Plus if someone rings you can say you’re at the gym and you’re not technically lying. This is less parallel bars more swish cocktail bars though and it’s huge with a grand café and an epic outdoor terrace for catching some rays. We can get your table sorted, holla.

BarChick’s app is coming to Android soon but in the meantime hit up their concierge service or get chatting at BarChick.com. We’ll race ya to the bar…

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