5 Minutes With Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella

By Jayne Robinson

Ella Woodward tells us why she makes time in her busy schedule for her yoga practice.

We’re so excited for our Frame x Deliciously Ella Yoga evening tonight at our shiny new Frame Kings X studio!

This 2-hour event will begin with an introduction by Ella, followed by a yoga class taught by Ella’s fave instructor Steffy White. Ending with everyone indulging in each other’s homemade dishes whilst sipping on a Lemonaid from the #FuelYourFrame café. But if you’re not attending this evening, worry not! Check out our Q&A with Ella, who tells us why she makes time in her busy schedule for yoga practice.

When did you first start practising yoga?
I’ve been practising for the last four or five years on and off but this time last year I started getting much more involved in the practice. I spent a few months living in LA and I discovered the best yoga studios there, which helped me fall so in love with yoga. Ever since then I’ve been practising four or five times a week and it’s become an important part of my life.

What are your top three reasons for practising yoga?
I find it calms my mind so well, no matter how stressed or emotional I am. It re-energises me and helps me feel so much more open.

How has your practice changed over time?
I’ve got so much stronger in the last six months or so which has made my practice a lot more fun as I’m not able to play with fun balances and inversions, which I couldn’t before.

Do you have a favourite style of yoga?
I love vinyasa, that’s what I practice most but when I’m tired there’s nothing better than a great restorative class with bolsters and blankets!

Do you prefer to practise different types of yoga depending on your mood?
Absolutely, I find yoga is so related to how I feel emotionally and physically so I try to pick my class accordingly.

What advice would you give to those who are yet to try yoga?
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Our bodies are all so different and we’re all at different stages in our practice, if someone is doing something impressive then just be inspired by it and aim to get there one day, but don’t criticise yourself for not being able to do it today.

How do you fit it into your crazy schedule?
I practice at home mostly, I find it’s much easier and then I try to get to a class once or twice a week. Sites like Yoga Glo are great for home practice.

How did you meet FRAME instructor (your fave yoga teacher) Steffy White?
Through Instagram!

What do you love about her teaching style?
It’s so fun and playful, she doesn’t take it too seriously and I find her very inspiring – I always feel so good after her classes!


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