5 Things Our Personal Trainer Taught Us

By Jayne Robinson

Macros, protein, DOMS… It’s doesn’t have to be like this! Frame PT Fran Finbow shares her five simple tips for nailing your nutrition and fitness goals…

The Protein Powder Bandwagon Isn’t for Everyone
Protein powders are useful for those who are regularly active, especially those who have done a decent amount of weight-bearing exercise. But for someone who is new to exercise, perhaps overweight and starting to really move for the first time, the key is starting to make small changes to their lifestyle and diet without having to worry too much about extraneous information, such as muscle gains.

And if you do take protein powders?
Always switch up to avoid becoming intolerant, according to Fran. If you always have the same brand of whey, change it every so often and also have a phase of plant protein.

Don’t Overthink It
Guidelines for a balanced diet can be super-simple (read: unless you’re an elite athlete or trying to achieve a specific goal, politely refrain from the macros chat): a fist-sized portion of protein, cupped handful of carbs, thumb-size of good fats and a sh*t load of veggies is the ideal mix for each meal.

That Thing About Breakfast? It’s True…
For most of my clients, my first nutrition change is to their breakfasts. A lot of people tend to have a carb-heavy breakfast so simply reducing that in favour of adding more protein and good fats can make the difference to maintaining energy levels until lunch.

Working Out While Sore Can Actually Help
There’s no scientific evidence as to why you shouldn’t workout with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and in fact, it can actually help relieve it sometimes. Just remember DOMS should only be severe within a couple of days after a heavy workout. Any longer and you’ve probably overdone it!

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