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5 Ways Framers Get Closer to Achieving Work / Life Balance

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Ah, the elusive work / life balance… Some say it’s a ruse: something that’s impossible to achieve as an urban professional. And while it may be true in this culture of “busy” that no one seems to have it truly nailed, finding the balance is something we can all get just a bit closer to… If only to save a smidgen of our sanity. We polled Framers for their top tips we’ll be working into our daily routines ASAP. Read on…

1. Move Your Body, Move Your Mind

Walking to the station in the morning listening to the radio / podcast instead of sitting on the bus scrolling and taking a walk / lunch break away from the computer. – @ciaras_wellness

2. Cut The (Email) Ties That Bind

I don’t respond to emails or email other colleagues after 6.30pm, I delegate where appropriate and I accept that I can’t do everything to a perfect standard and that’s ok – I can still do a darn good job and not break myself in the process. Although I’m pretty certain when I return to work after my maternity leave I’m going to need a whole new set of strategies for work / life balance! – @tlovestraining

3. Prioritise Sky-High Thinking
Plan time for reflection in your day, work and personal. Sometimes some things need a bit more deep thinking, and if you don’t take the time you’ll never have the time. – @tong_star

Enjoy being bored! Put your phone / tablet / laptop away on your days off for a specific amount of time and do something old-school. Read that book sitting my your bedside table, go walk round that country park, organise your seasonal wardrobe or do some recipe making – switching off often switches on your creative side! – @louisehebden

4. Say No, And Mean It
Learn to say no. At work and out of work. Busy does not mean productive and busy doesn’t mean it’s quality time spent either. – @kimberleysaysok

Be comfortable saying no. Prioritise your to do list so you know what has to be done immediately and what can wait. – @cathhend

5. Schedule Me Time

The morning is my time! I go to bed that bit earlier so I can get up that little bit earlier. I go to a Frame class, then pick up my breakfast and walk to work with it, listening to the news or music. I work until about 10pm on average so I really cherish the quiet morning before the emails start pouring in. The exercise is also amazing for managing my stress levels. – @scclloy


BONUS: The easiest tip you can action right now…

Set aside 15 minutes each morning to create a list of both work and life-admin tasks I would be happy achieving that day to give myself realistic goals to focus my energy on. This means any extra tasks you get ‘assigned’ have to fit in around that tasks that mean more to you. – @louisehebden

Want more tips? Click here to read Framers’ responses in full on Instagram.

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