Have trouble kicking back, recharging your batteries and investing in yourself? Jody Shield gives us her top 6 tips on How to Have a Deeper Relationship with Yourself and shares a 10-minute meditation session you can try out.

How to Have a Deeper Relationship with Yourself

1) Goddess hour – This is a super simple tip! When you come home after a stressful working day, before zooming straight into the relationship zone or hanging out with your housemates, go to your room, take a moment to deep breathe and then take a long, luxurious shower to wash the day away. Try not to be distracted by putting music on post-shower, or checking your phone, just be really present and aware with the simple act of ‘you’ time. Once you’re done, slip on your comfies and head down to connect with whoever you live with. We can guarantee it works!

2) Disconnect to reconnect – This one is vital ‘you’ time. We spend countless hours of the day glued to our smartphones surfing every single social media channel for the latest snippet of gossip, news, funny cat video and worst of all validation from our cyber friends. It’s ok, we are human! However, investing in you comes in all shapes and sizes, and one of them means switching your phone onto airplane mode when you come home for few hours, so you can connect with your loved one or family. You can even try it on a weekend day if you’re feeling brave!

3) Massages – There’s nothing revolutionary about having a massage, but how many of us actually go ahead and book one? It’s a great opportunity to spend time with you, away from people and your phone, and you can totally switch off! On a deeper level, you are telling your body you love it and you deserve this – that’s bound to raise your vibrations and make your cells feel happy. Aim to make this part of your monthly self-care ritual we promise you won’t look back!

4) Saying no and being ok with it – Investing in you means putting up some healthy boundaries. We used to run ourselves ragged saying yes to every social commitment that came our way. The end result is you leave depleted and exhausted. We suggest going easy on yourself, say yes to things you truly want to do, things that light you up and make your cells zing, and the rest just don’t do – ta daaah! The result will be a less drained version of you at the end of the week! And your friends will understand.

5) Have a date with yourself – Carve out some time to have a date with yourself. What do you like doing? Plan a lovely walk up Hampstead Heath followed by a massage, then go home and cook yourself some delicious food and run a bath. Dreamy, right?! Whilst connection with loved ones is vital so is YOU time, when you recharge those batteries and enjoy your own company, it’s a true act of self-love.

6) Gratitude list for you – We talk about gratitude lists all the time, but we don’t do them in relation to ourselves. Every night before bed write 10 things about yourself you love and you are grateful for, it might feel tricky and odd at the start but trust me it gets easier. And if you can’t love yourself and see those amazing parts in you first, how can anyone else? Give it a go!

Check out this lovely little meditation designed to help you kick back, recharge and invest in you. Sit or lie down with your eyes closed and allow yourself to be guided to a total state of bliss – enjoy!

Meditation for a Deeper Relationship with Yourself

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