8 Health Myths Busted

By Jayne Robinson

Believe everything you hear about health rules? They're not all true.

It’s very easy to believe everything we hear about fads, health rules and weight loss programs.

There seems to be constant new ‘scientific research’ that disproves something that was just proved last week and in a culture of wanting to see results quickly, and it’s tempting to try these super fast, miracle solutions. Here are a few whoppers that can prevent us falling into the myth trap.

1- 8 glasses of water a day

That’s a lot. We humans are pretty good at regulating our own water intake. When we need to replace fluid there’s this highly accurate mechanism called thirst that prompts us to have a drink. A lot of fluid is already available in the food we eat. So there’s no need to carry those cumbersome, heavy bottles around!

2- Fish oil supplements

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may reduce your risk of stroke, but supplements won’t necessarily help. The researchers say that supplements don’t do as good a job as whole foods. Oily fish also contains vitamins D and B and amino acids, which might be needed to work with the omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the risk of heart disease. You may need all the constituents of a food for it to be good for you.

3- A salad is a healthier choice for a lunch option

Not necessarily true. Often the ‘healthy option’ salads are covered in a creamy, fattening dressing which is full of more calories than the huge looking baguette sandwich that you avoided but secretly wanted. Damn you, tasty dressing!

4- You lose most of your body heat through your head

There is nothing special about the head and heat loss. You will lose heat through any uncovered body part.

5- Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis

Knuckle-crackers are no more likely to have arthritis than those who don’t. But they are more annoying.

6- Cold weather makes you sick

In studies of cold transmission, people who are chilled are no more likely to get sick than those who were not. It may be that cold weather keeps people indoors, where germs are more likely to catch up with you.

7- Food picked up quickly from the floor is safe to eat

Darn it. I was saddened to hear that the ‘ten second rule’ that I had been living my grubby, clumsy eating existence by was not true. Food that comes into contact with a tile or wood floor does pick up large amounts of bacteria. Food doesn’t pick up many germs when it hits carpet, but it does pick up carpet fuzz. Which I don’t mind too much actually. It still tastes ok.

8- Saturated fat in the diet is bad for your health

The truth is that saturated fat & cholesterol are powerful nutrients that the body uses for hormone function, calcium metabolism and cellular structure. They act
as stabilizing units that protect the body from inflammatory damage. The occasional portion of greasy chips then….yes please!

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