9 Insider Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Health in Check

By Jayne Robinson

#CleanEating. It’s a thing. But should it be? And what exactly does it mean? Come hang 21st January at Frame King’s Cross when we host panellists from Equi London, Happy Tummy Co, Karma Cans and Punch Foods to talk all things nutrition as part of our Werk It event series. In the meantime, we asked the duo behind the former – Harley Street nutritionist Alice Mackintosh and busy city professional Rosie Speight – to give us a cheat sheet on achievable healthy tips to do now…

We don’t really believe in harsh detoxes, as not only can they often be extremely restrictive and lead to dangerous deficiencies, but basic biology shows that the body needs to detox efficiently every day, not just for one week here and there.

However, there is a lot to be said for starting the year on a healthy note, and bunkering down with healthy, hearty food after the indulgences of Christmas. Here are our top tips

Aim for 7 portions of colourful veg or 2-3 of fruit per day, nuts, seeds, wholegrains carbs and pulses, which helps to support removal of toxic waste from the body. Soups, juices, smoothies and big salads and casseroles are the easiest way to do this.

We always have a big pot of fresh lemon, ginger, fresh turmeric in the office. If you don’t have time for this, use Pukka’s Three Ginger and make it when you get up so you can drink it as you get ready and hydrate first thing.

Try to eat foods rich in iodine – such as seaweed (we love the little Itsu packets sold in supermarkets), fish, selenium (brazil nuts), B vitamins (eggs, chicken, salmon) and folic acid (spinach, avocado, sprouts, cavolo nero).
Eat cruciferous veggies – such as garlic, onions, broccoli, leeks, cabbage, sprouts, kale (these can make some people with IBS or sensitive digestion bloated, in which case it’s best to see a nutritionist first to figure out how to overcome it).

Everyone loves smoothies, but making them can seem like a real effort, especially first thing when you’re rushing out of the door. Sadly, the ones you get on-the-go tend to be super sugary and not the balancing healthy option you may be after. To save yourself time, buy veg and chop/peel into smoothie size portions and and freeze ahead of time in Tupperware. This quarters prep time and often reduces cost as well. Things that freeze well include: pineapple, pears, apple, kale, spinach, berries, cucumber, banana, avocado, red grapes, papaya, orange and mango.

…With good gut bacteria from fermented foods – kefir, sauerkraut, kimchee and kombucha are ideal!

If entertaining is part and parcel of your job, then eating out and client drinks will be too. Understandably it’s pretty difficult to eat clean in this kind of environment. Though it will often be unavoidable there are steps you can take to minimising exposure.

Breakfast meetings, by default mean less alcohol (unless you’re Jordan Belfort) and most places now serve eggs with avocado and rye bread or other healthy sides dishes to boost goodness.

If it’s appropriate, arrange meetings over a luxury manicure instead of drinks and kill two time-consuming birds with one stone. These days it’s also kosher to meet in high-end gyms/spa cafes or trendy juiceries, so don’t always go for the standard artisan coffee shop or cocktail bar.

We aim for twice weekly epsom salt baths as they help recharge, improve sleep, detoxify and relax.

Most family homes have a treat draw (or if you were really lucky, a pantry) and these days most offices also have a ready supply of biscuits and other snacks. During a blood sugar low, these are virtually impossible to say no to, especially as we are essentially hardwired to crave sugar at times like this as we know it quickly gives us a burst of energy in the form of glucose.

Do yourself a favour and have some readily available, pre pre-packaged snacks in your draw so you don’t deviate. These can be sweet or savoury – we love protein rich Bounce Bars (which do contain a bit of sugar but hey, you have to live), salty roasted beans from The Food Doctor, salt and vinegar roasted broad beans from The Good Bean and Pulsin’ Protein Bliss Bars. Ocado sell all of these so stock up ahead of the week. If you can get out for five minutes at lunch, think ahead and pick up protein pots from Pret, Itsu, Eat, Pod, Vital Ingredient or S.H.O.T.

Learn more at Werk Your Nutrition ‘The Clean Eating Debate’ on 21st January at 2pm at Frame King’s Cross | BOOK TICKETS

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