A Day In The Life of Train Master Trainer Caroline Bragg

Ready to sweat, feel the burn and get a huge work out high? Then Train is for you!

Still, haven’t tried out a Frame Train class? What are you waiting for? Get a sweat on in Frame Cardio or take it out on the bag after a stressful week in Box Train, or perhaps try out our new class Power Row! Whatever class you pick you can expect it to be fierce, fun and Framey with team challenges, banging tunes and a motivated instructor to whip you into shape. FYI we guarantee you’ll leave feeling like you can take on the world!

This week we speak to Frame’s Train Master Trainer Caroline Bragg about all things Frame and her role as a Master Trainer!

Every weekday starts SUPER early! I am usually up at 5:30 as I either have clients or classes that start at 6:30/7am.
I always pack my bag the night before and lay out my clothes so I can be out the door ASAP with a banana and I’m on my way cycling to my first client or class. I have this down to a fine art now! I am definitely a morning person which is handy in this line of work.

I stop teaching around 9 and have another breakfast. I LOVE breakfast and either have overnight oats or something from Pret or POD. I always have a coffee and I’m not fussy on milk but I am on where I buy it from!

I am Master Trainer of MumHood as well as Train so 10-12 is when we have our Postnatal classes so I am in full teacher mode with lots of new mums and babies which is such a rewarding job. These women are absolute legends and make it to class rain, shine or snow.

If I’m teaching lunch classes I’ll go straight through until about 2 before lunch or I’ll use the time to do some admin. You can quite often find the teachers at the big tables in reception on their laptops catching up on emails and searching Spotify to update playlists.

I’ve been with Frame since the beginning so teach a real variety of classes so I’ll hop from a Postnatal pilates to Box train to rebounding to prenatal fitness in the space of a few hours.

Afternoons are quieter. We hold in-house teacher training mainly in the afternoon so part of my role as Master trainer is to provide these sessions or catch up with teachers and help support them. For the Train room we have guest trainers come in to sharpen up one specific skill each month.

I try and take a 4:15 class and I like to mix it up. I still love going to classes as that’s how I learn. I may have taught a move a hundred times but a teacher can explain it another way that clicks with me and I’ll use that next time to see if that sits better. As an instructor, you never stop learning and evolving. I encourage the Train trainers to go to each other’s classes as much as possible especially if they are new to Frame to see what our clients respond to.

I try not to work too late as I have an early start but I usually finish around 7 with clients or classes. My days are full on but I’ve never been very good at not being busy.

I live on a canal boat with my boyfriend so I usually cycle up the towpath and have dinner by the fire in the winter or on the roof if it’s summer. I try and have my main meal in the day and eat lighter in the evening but it all depends on how much and when I’m teaching the sweaty classes!

I get everything ready the night before and then I am in bed by 10. I never have any problem sleeping as I’m always knackered by bedtime but if I do I try to up my magnesium intake and that usually helps the following night.

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