Food, 19.11.2015

Bloated Tummies Be Gone: Why We Love Teff & 9 Ways to Eat It

Anti-grain? If you got your hands on Happy Tummy Co’s Chia Teff loaf last time it graced our studios, you’ll be thrilled to know IT’S BACK! And if you haven’t tried it before – forget that packed lunch and do it. Right now…

Not really sure what teff is? Well, have you ever tried eating grass when you were a kid? Karen from Happy Tummy Co did and then she found out it can be used to made densely nutritious bread! The newest superfood to hit the shelves around the world, teff is the seed of a grass native to Ethiopia known as lovegrass (awwwww). It was one of the earliest cultivated plants and it is most often made into a pancake called injera. High in dietary protein, fibre, calcium and iron, it’s become a celeb favourite, with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow applauding its nutritional (no mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump with this long-lasting, filling ingredient) and physical (hello, glowing skin and bags of energy!) benefits.

Ok, you’re convinced. Now what the heck do you do with it? We enlisted the help of the Frame team to come up with nine ways to top off a loaf…

1. Smashed avocado, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, anchovies
2. Salted butter, cheddar cheese, sliced fresh fig, London honey
3. Crunchy peanut butter, sliced banana, sprinkle of chia seeds
4. Salted butter, fried egg, smoked bacon
5. Salted butter, smoked mackerel fillet, sundried tomatoes
6. Hummus, peas, pepper
7. Goats curd, pecans, honey
8. Salted butter whipped with cereal and marmite
9. Sliced cherry tomatoes and sea salt

Or let us do the hard work! Happy Tummy Co’s chia teff is back in studios from Monday 31st October 2016 (look for Frame Toast on the menu), and we’re serving it up with your choice of nut butter or avocado plus optional additions like boiled egg, smoked salmon and banana.

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