Presenter, fashionista, model and foodie. Is there anything Laura Jackson hasn’t dipped her toes into? We talk to Laura about the highlights of her career, her fave Frame class and dining with Claudia Winkleman.

You are still so young, yet you already seem to have your fingers in so many pies (ahem, bowls of Tic Tacs): modelling, music, presenting, fashion and food. Where would you say your passions lay?
TV for sure, I love presenting telly programmes.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?
This sounds so silly, but honestly everything I do is a highlight!! I am really proud of the supper club business I have set up with my foodie friend Alice though, we started it as just a passion project and this year we have signed a book deal and a new TV series!

Who or what has been your greatest influence?
This changes as I’m influenced by so many people, I have great family and friends, but my boyfriend Jonathan really inspires me, he makes me think anything is possible (god, pass me the sick bucket!)

In amongst all that, how do you find time to workout?
Well, do you know what, I go through stages, I’m so bloody fickle, one week I can go every day, then the next I’ll be sat at home eating a bag of chocolate while watching ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ It varies…

What is your preferred way to keep fit?
I love Punch and Pad at Frame – I am so rubbish though! I’ll never be a boxer that’s for sure. I am a lover of reformer pilates too – I mean exercising AND laying down – WIN!

And how important is keeping fit in your life?
It’s really important for me actually. When I exercise I feel better and I sleep better. I suffer from anxiety and the best thing for this is exercise. When I have those chocolate weeks (previously mentioned) it makes me feel crap, but when I exercise I notice a real difference.

Do you think the time you spend in the gym/studio/training has an effect on the way you manage your career?
It’s really hard to juggle everything, but you make time for what you want to make time for. If I’m filming all week though it’s really hard to stay motivated – and being on jobs is the worst for healthy eating, there’s always a bag of crisps or Haribo’s somewhere!

How do you make sure that you are eating well when you are on the go so much… or maybe you don’t? Maybe you just eat weird mushrooms on toast…
I think life is all about balance, but I would be a big fat liar if I said I didn’t care about what I eat. I would feel guilty if I eat a pizza every night for dinner, but I more or less eat what I want and exercise. I’m not too big on all this ‘free from’ stuff that everyones on about, I dont want a slice of bread made of broccoli, yawn.

What would you cook for a group of friends coming over for supper?
Ohhhh, when I have a big group I always do a roast chicken with salsa verde and new potatoes, dessert is lemon posset or salted chocolate mouse.

What is your go-to fit kit?
Water, Nike trainers, vest, leggings, and a mars bar (If it’s Friday!)

What piece of advice or top tip – music, fashion, food or fitness related – would you like to pass on to Framers?
Get a whippet they are the best dogs ever. Fact.

My favourite time of day is…I love sleeping so i’ll say bed time

My ideal Sunday morning goes a little something like…Avocado on toast, a Yorkshire tea, telly on and Barry the dog climbing into our bed.

If I could dine with anyone who ever existed, like ever it would be…Claudia Winkleman – I love her

My biggest vice is…Telly, I watch so much telly

My biggest release is…Gin and Tonic

My favourite on the go snack is…I love a good licorice stick, on my way home from Frame I normally pop into the grocery and buy one.

My favourite place for a stiff drink in London…I like that new wine bar PINCH on Greenwood road E8

Tomorrow I…Go to Oslo to film for a telly job, I’m supposed to be packing now

I literally can’t even…Stand the words: sling back kitten heel – vomit.

On Mondays I…Wake up wondering why Miuccia Prada hasn’t adopted me yet.

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