Ever wondered what Jasmine Hemsley does on a Saturday? (It's certainly not hitting the snooze button 4 times and getting out of bed at 11am like most of us...)

We stalked Jasmine Hemsley, half of Hemsley + Hemsley and co-author of The Art of Eating Well for a day, from yoga at Frame Shoreditch to flowers at Borough Market and fun in the park with Julie @Julieloveschickenwings – Take it away Jasmine!

Whether I was out on a Friday night or not for some reason I just can’t lie in on a Saturday. It’s the first day of the week when you can spend most of the day off the phone, off the laptop and outside as much as possible. Plus, with Julie the Border Terrier X Jack Russell pup as a new member of the family you gotta get up and get out for a walk!

Saturday morning 8am – kick off with a cuddle with Julie my puppy and a hot cup of chaga – a medicinal mushroom drink while I potter about. I drink it like a black coffee – got to drink it at the right temperature though as it’s not so good cold! Then tuck into a bowl of our Mung Dahl that’s easy to digest. And I love making a pot of this up mid-week and then living off it for easy meals.

9.30am – ambling by the shops on the way to yoga. Picking up some interesting bits for shooting – this time round and bulbous courgettes from Albion. Haven’t tried these on a spiralizer yet so that’s for experimenting with later.

(Jasmine wears Combat Fluro/Green leggings by HPE.Get them at our Kings Cross #MoveYourFrameShop!), Jacket by EDIT and shoes by Mou London

10am a gorgeous yoga class at Frame Shoreditch. Finishing up with my show off headstand. For all my bravery, I still haven’t done a handstand (unsupported) since I was 11 though!

11:15am – now for the rest of the day. Love starting the weekend this way, even if the week has been too busy for some time out I always feel back on track with a Saturday morning class.

12pm – hopped on the bus home stopping off at Borough Market on the way to pick up some parmesan cheese and some other ideas while I formulate dinner in my head. Treat myself to a new plant – as you can see from the first shot I’m a bit plant mad! Borough Market always has something interesting that I haven’t seen before, and a beautiful plant always makes a great gift.

1pm – Lunch at home. Another one pot dish that’s great to make in bulk is a stew – and a slow cooker is a perfect match for a tougher quality meat like beef shin. A bit of work means a lot of food, especially if you make enough to stock the freezer. I popped this on last night on a super low heat and now it’s ready to serve with some freshly steamed cabbage. Quick pic for social media…

3pm – I’m lucky to live in a really community-driven part of town in South East London. I’ve got artists and artisans on my door step and I love to support local goings on. This time we’ve got a car boot, which is normally a favourite Sunday habit before lunch, but this time I’m getting my fix on a Saturday!

4:30pm – A little tidy up (slash lie down!) of my flat and all the bits and bobs that collect during the week then it’s off to the park to give Julie some social time with her mates including her cousin (Mel’s dog) Nelly the Blue.

6pm – Love park life. Parks just about keep you sane in urban life especially when you meet all the other weird and wonderful people there!

8pm – Then Saturday nights are about going out for dinner – or this time dinner in and then out for a movie. I’ve taken the spiralizer to my round courgettes and turned them into a ‘pasta’-fest with a quick and easy Butter Bean Pesto and a glass of wine before heading off to my new favourite local cinema – lush Mondrian Hotel…Loved watching Brooklyn!

The Art of Eating Well and the Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer are both available at our #MoveYourFrameShop and will be coming soon to online! And for more delicious recipes look out for Hemsley + Hemsley’s new book ‘Good + Simple’ coming out February 2016.

(Mou London)

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