Show of hands: how many times have you been on the mat, admiring the way your yoga teacher commands the room in a way where everyone just sort of… gels. Becoming that leader, who is able to help a room leave zenned and a little bit more control than when they walked in is an often unmatched feeling.

If you’re mulling over whether to stick with your ‘real’ job or chase your dreams of becoming a yoga teacher, take it from our Frame crew of yogis. We chatted with Emily-Clare Hill and Michael Wong – who have devised our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training programme – and polled a slew of other instructors on what made them take the leap into becoming an instructor.


Ever had a ‘real’ job? One that pays the bills, but is uninspiring, one that you hate getting up for each day when your alarm goes off, one that sucks all the joy out of your life?

Well if that’s you, then teaching yoga is not a ‘real’ job. And to be brutally honest, it will never be… And that’s a promise.

Whether you realise it yet or not, becoming a yoga teacher is starting a new life, and beginning a new lifestyle. Yes, you’ll have to work at it, I can guarantee you won’t be spending your days taking bikini handstand pictures on the beach, in fact you’ll work harder in the first few years than you’ll ever imagine, but the reward is everything, you’ll have your life back, and a career that not only earns you a living, but inspires you everyday.

As we’re sure we’ve all noticed, these days there are a lot of yoga teachers floating around town, some full time, some part time, but what makes them all special, is that they all, at some point, choose to do something about making their lives (and jobs) better, and this is an option we all have, but a lot of time it’s a scary & daunting because it’s something new.

It’s likely that if you’ve been thinking about it, then the only thing that’s stopping you is common sense:

‘How will I survive?’
‘Will I make enough money?’
‘What will I do with all my amazing work clothes and fancy coats?’

These are all valid questions, but the truth is, they’re probably the wrong ones to be asking. Maybe the right ones are;

‘Does it make me happy?’
‘Would I get out of bed everyday and enjoy doing this?’
‘Is this the life I want to lead?’

Once you ask yourself these questions, the decision becomes easy. Add on top that you can set your own hours, be your own boss and that most days will be overloaded with hugs, smiles, belly laughs and shoeless feet.

It’ll be something you’ll want to wake up to everyday. As a yoga teacher, lifestyle is everything.

We teach happiness and connection to the mind, body and spirit and to be authentic we must live it. Yoga will change your life & lifestyle, and you’ll learn more each and everyday all about yourself, with that awareness you’ll look after yourself daily and become the best version of who we are, the happy, content, calm version.


“Because I wanted to feel good all of the time.” —Jamie Tully

“To get everybody smiling through movement.” —David Kam

“Yoga saved my life, it transformed my perspective and gave me everything I needed to handle life with grace, I wanted to give that to others.” —Alex Stone

“I became a yoga teacher because the universe told me to. Such a hippy dippy answer but so true!” —Suzie Smith

“Practicing yoga makes feel good. More than good, it makes me feel terrific. It taught me how to appreciate my body and how to calm down the mind and the little noises it creates. I became a yoga teacher to pass this goodness around. To show people how to take care, how to look after themselves throughout this wonderful art called yoga. This world is a crazy place and sometimes everything moves fast around us. By teaching, I can make a difference. I can give someone the gifts of breath, of mindfulness and self love. Put a big smile on their faces. Feel supported by the earth and everyone around them.” —Andy Kobelinsky

“I became a yoga teacher because yoga changed my life for the better and I wanted to be able to pass that on!” —Katarina Rayburn

“To change the world!” —Steffy White

“To guide others through a moving mediation as a way of reconnecting with oneself.” —Ale Donoso

“I know I’m meant to say “I became a yoga teacher because I received a message from the universe that this was my true calling” but that’s not how it happened. When I did my teacher training I had NO intention of actually becoming a yoga teacher. I wanted to leave my job, get away; take some time out. It seemed like a productive thing to do whilst I worked out what to do with my life – and a way of getting deeper into a practice I’d loved for years… 

Once I qualified, I started teaching because people asked me to. I continued teaching because I enjoyed it. I’m now a full-time yoga teacher because of both of those reasons and also because I see first-hand how this practice helps and heals people – or, better, allows them to help and heal themselves. Through whatever they’ve got going on. Now I couldn’t see myself NOT teaching yoga…So maybe the universe did line it all up after all… Who knows?!” —Kate Lister

“Teaching is a branch of my self practice and after years of yoga felt like a really organic progression – sharing what you know is part of the path – it keeps me creative, inquisitive and encourages this amazing caring and uplifting community which it is an honour to be a part of…” —Bess Shipside

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