Fitness, 02.01.2017

Equipment Health Check: Improvements for 2017

As the saying goes, start as you mean to go on. And at a fitness studio where we welcome our Framers in to jump, punch, sweat (maybe swear?!) and move on the daily, things can get a little worn.

Out west, the Queens Park crowd have been steadily getting in new Reformers to keep their Pilates practice on point. We’ve also popped out the bikes in favour of new steps – a benefit Framers Shoreditch way will see in the Camp Room, too. Doubling as HIIT-makers and benches, the (step) change means more variety of speed and agility work (read: you’re gonna be mega fit) and space – much needed in our dynamic fitness classes, we’ve heard.

Speaking of the Camp Room classes, stay tuned for an update from Frame PT and instructor Danny Brown next week on the new programmes he and our other top trainers have been working on to help you get fitter and faster while having maximum fun in 2017. We’ve altered TRX-Train rounds as well as other Train-style classes to mix slower, heavier rounds with rounds that focus on explosive power and alternating between concentric and eccentric moves to ensure you’re maximising your workout time.

P.S. Besides the equipment side of things, we’ve also launched two new regular classes: Cardio Barre (hellooooo, gliders) and Anti-Desk Yoga. Plus, Frame Lift is spreading its wings to Shoreditch.