Feature Framer: Leonie Watkins

We’re taking it back to the good old days and reintroducing a firm Framer favourite, Frame Work, vintage Frame it pulls together all that Frame has to offer – dance, yoga, pilates and fitness.
This week we chat with regular Framer Leonie Watkins.

How long you’ve been coming to Frame?

I first walked through the doors of Frame Shoreditch in the spring of 2013. Frame Voracity quickly followed.

What is it that keeps you coming back to Frame?

The variety of classes is really the thing. I’m a rower and train 6 days a week. The repetitive nature of what we do off the water in the gym can feel endlessly banal and prosaic. Frame is a vibrant space to work out in, with classes offering alternative techniques to promote physical improvement in my body, which is key. And of course, the staff across the studios are completely wonderful! They carry a wealth of knowledge, but equally, are full of smiles and positivity. It’s reassuring to know you’ll receive a warm welcome, even engage in a bit of blather at Frame, after a dull or taxing day.

Frame Work is soon to be back on the timetable (woohoo), which three words would you use to describe the class?

I’m a ‘Work’ aficionado, so I’m thrilled to hear this is getting a revival! Relentless, in a galvanizing way! Gut-busting, in the literal sense! Invigorating – you’ll feel thoroughly challenged but exhilarated, post-class.

Why should someone come and try out Frame Work?

The classes are dynamic and the classes are designed to push you. Work offers all the benefits of, say, Total Body, with some unexpected callisthenics moves thrown in. The exercises deviate from the typical, so it’s great for renewing focus. It’s full-tilt body and mind escapism. The instructors bring high energy to the class and are hugely motivating. Plus, who doesn’t love bridge bum-thrusting to pop beats!

Frame Work is a real sweat burner, can you remember any of the body burning moves?

I do. The thigh/glute drill, set to Iggy Azalea’s ‘Work’ is imprinted on my brain and body forever! Ideal for anyone considering revealing beachwear options…

Your favourite workout track?

I’m a 90s nerd-dog. My playlists for smashing out a run or an erg (on the rowing machine) are tracked with metal from around the 1993 mark. ‘It’s never too early in the day for Guns N’ Roses’ isn’t my motto, but perhaps it should be.

If you had to pick a favourite class to get your #FrameFix, which would it be and why?

I’m an ardent fan of the Cardio and BoxTrain classes as there’s a fresh opportunity to advance each time and the instructors brilliantly change up the exercises with regularity, abolishing the monotony factor. Total Body and Kettlebells are ideal for resistance training… it’s impossible to choose just one. Sorry!

What is your favourite place in London to chill the F out?

I’m lucky enough to live by the Thames which provides endless iconographic distractions – great for an introspective run. Conversely, The BikeShed in Shoreditch is a sanctuary for any petrol head, which, undeniably I am.

Fancy trying out Frame Work? Head to the timetable to book a class now!

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