This week we catch up with regular Framer and Yogi, Alex Wright on why he travels over two hours each day just to get his Yoga fix at Frame…

Why I go to Yoga:

I live 100 miles out of London but commute in every weekday over 2 hours each way. I have 3 kids (11, 15, 18), and I run my own business. Life is busy and pretty stressful.
16 years ago, I hurt my back playing with my daughter. The osteopath I saw (a locum, covering) fixed me up, but at the end of the session, as I stood in my pants, she went to write in my notes. “I’ve just seen your date of birth!” she laughed. “I thought you were at least ten years older than that!”

It was time to do something about this 29-year-old’s dad-bod.

I didn’t know it before I tried, but the form of exercise I chose (a Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga) grabbed me by the heart, soul and spinal short and propelled me. From the first session, I was filled with roaring energy, and bursting with gratitude, and through the most challenging physical endeavour, I found a mental stillness that outlasted the sweat… Yoga gradually became daily. It still is.

It’s made me a better dad, a better husband, a better boss and a better human – more compassionate, more resilient, more consistent.

I get a fair proportion of my daily yoga from Frame. I’ve been a regular for about ten years, Frame just has a wonderful mix. Some fabulous teachers – who share what they know from deep personal practice and out of a love for a tradition they revere – and who come from a mix of styles and histories, and bring texture to their classes, and help create a warm, light-hearted environment, with real expertise.

I also come for the great locations, timetables and facilities – so I can go before work, at lunch, between meetings, or before an evening out. It’ll fit in, and I can be showered, changed and back out in business-mode or out-out-mode in no time.

So, with Frame, I can find great Yoga across London, at all times of day, from teachers who have something to share. And it keeps me steady, and still full of roaring energy and gratitude.

Try it. It might just glitter for you too…

Fancy experiencing a little glitter of your own? Come and try out one of your Yoga classes from Basics to Yin to Power we’ve got a Yoga type for everyone check out the timetable now!

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