Want to build muscle and burn fat? Thought so. Bicep curls are great, but they’re not exactly going to build a whole lot of muscle and burn a whole load of fat on their own. You need to work harder! You need to think in large muscle groups for that. The chest, legs and back. Here are 10 different exercises you can do that will make you really feel the burn.

1. Burpees
Let’s just get this one out of the way, shall we? No groaning! As you’re jumping up, down and all around, shout out loud and proud, ‘Toning my core, toning my upper body, toning my legs!’

2. Jumping Lunges
Even more fun! Go mad and grab some light weights (advanced only) and alternate hammer curls (if you don’t know what these are, you’re not advanced enough yet). Chant, ‘Calorie burner/svelte thighs/perky butt.’

3. Bicycle Abs
As well as working your lower and upper abs in one fell swoop, these beauties also get your heart rate up so they burn more calories than most other abs exercises.

4. Lunges with Reverse Leg Raises
Well, as you can do jumping lunges we thought we may as well throw in these lunges too. It’s mind over matter, so for this one, think, ‘Go glutes go, tone thighs tone, whittle waist whittle, beautiful back, you beaut-ieeeee’ or words to that effect to keep your motivated.

5. Jumping Squats
What do we want? Explosive speed! When do we want it? Now! Get down and give me 30.

6. Press Ups
On your knees, on your feet, who cares as long as you are pushing yourself to your maximum. With each repetition chant, ‘Christmas pudding, Christmas pudding, choc-o-lates for breakfast, champagne all daaay.’ That should spur you on.

7. Mountain Climbers

Get the knees up as far as you can go. Higher! Think, ‘Toning and burning fat, every-bloody-where.’

8. Star Jumps
I actually quite like these. I pretend it’s a dance move (work with me on this), so I jump around in time to the music and let it all shake out as if I’m getting rid of any tension in my body and, oh, by the way, have I just burnt a shiz-load of calories? Oh yes, I have.

9. Side Planks

This works every large muscle you want to work out and then some. More specifically it works the outer thighs, obliques, and deltoids. Side Planks should come with a warning: Never be fooled by a static exercise.

10. Full Plank
Come on, what do you mean it’s not your favourite? Suck that tummy in, clench everything (except your jaw), get those shoulders down towards your feet and pretend you’re somewhere else, floating in a sparkling turquoise sea… See? It’s all over now. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Enjoy (yes, enjoy) each exercise for one minute each, chanting motivational phrases if it makes you go harder and then take a rest. And if you need some help, get fat burning at Body by Frame, which is one hour of continuous cardio, weights, a pumping soundtrack and one super hot bod to walk out the door with.