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We change the structure of our Barre class every eight weeks to mix it up and so you don’t get bored. For you regulars we tell you what has changed, and for those of you who haven’t tried Barre, we let you know why you should.

What’s Barre?
A ballet and Pilates-inspired class to sculpt the body using isometric movements to fatigue the muscles as well as stretch and lengthen the bod, leave you feeling firm and elongated.

What Will It Do For My Body?

Who doesn’t want the body of a ballerina? If you don’t have the coordination of Misty Copeland but still want her enviable figure Frame Barre is for you. Isometric moves target the smaller supporting muscles acting like a corset to trim your waistline, lift and sculpt in all the right places.

By working each muscle to fatigue whilst incorporating lengthening stretches. Frame Barre will give you the long, lean limbs of a dancer.

In each update the exercises have been selected and put together to work your entire body. The heat raising element fires up your metabolism ensuring calorie burn long after your workout is finished.

Frame Barre

So, What’s Changed?

This update is all about elongating lines in the body. Expect lots of extension work, to make you feel lengthened and taller ready to strut into Summer.
This update is more balletic than other updates, using favourite moves such as second arabesque, port de bras and arabesque alonge. Think Misty C! Fancy challenging yourself even more? Add ankle weights if you dare! By working your muscles to fatigue you’ll not only feel the Frame ‘Barre Burn’ but improve overall muscular endurance.

Equipment used: hand weights and resistance band and ball.

Why should I come?
Barre is the perfect class for anyone wanting a low impact workout, to feel the burn and to work on posture. Especially good for those who spend hours over a keyboard as it always works the upper back and active length through the hip flexors (that get tight when you sit for long periods of time) while giving you all over body tone, a strong core and firm butt. Expect a banging playlist which changes every 8 weeks with each update.

Book into Barre via our timetable now!

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