Frame Chill House is now OPEN in our newest studio in Farringdon. Our first dedicated meditation space kitted out with bean bags, eco-friendly blankets, Master and Dynamic noise-cancelling earphones and bespoke Frame Says Relax meditation content created by meditation expert Chris Connors.

Chris has been teaching meditation for 15 years and believes in living in what he calls ‘relaxed action’ – A way of being and doing in the world. He has created a body of meditation and consciousness work based on the mantra ‘Be Still, See Clear, Go Create’ a way of seeing meditation as a base for a connected and creative life. Within the Frame Chill House, we will continue this theme with our short meditation content available. New to meditation? Pop in and experience our introduction to meditation session, or choose from our ‘Still’ or ‘Rise’ meditations dependending on whether you’re waiting to do a class and need an energising pick-me-up, or need to relax and unwind post-class. We’ve also introduced Homedics Ellia Gather Diffusers throughout the studio, releasing essential oils to naturally lift your mood.

Chris Connors

Still Meditation

Relax and unwind to this deep, soothing mind/body journey. Drop into a present state reality and let the past and future drop away. Still is layered with brain balancing, low-frequency sound waves and brain entraining Binaural Beats. These ‘sound medicines’ will enhance and deepen your meditative state. Perfect for post-class chill, pre-sleep or in times of heightened stress/anxiety.

Rise Meditation

Open your mind, body and heart channels with Rise. This journey is designed for you to drop into an expansive, energised state grounded in your body. Rise is layered with Isochronic tones and simple movements to stimulate your brain and body into a greater state of ‘relaxed action’ with more focus and more versatility in the brain. That way you are ready for whatever is facing you next. Perfect for mornings, pre-workout, and when you are feeling low in energy or needing to transform your mood.

Both short meditations in the Frame Chill House are designed to fit into your busy schedule or bookend your day in the morning or before sleep. Each guided session is accelerated using medicinal sonic inputs. They are multi layered and highly vibrational and woven into each journey.

Chris has been teaching meditation for 15 years and runs extensive personal and professional leadership retreats around the world. He is the founder of meditation brand BeBox and is quoted in the Sunday Times as a leading name in the wellbeing industry.
Read more on his website or via his Instagram.

All Chris work is created in his InStill hub in Ibiza. With the intention of bringing some of the vibration of this magnetic island into our city lives.
The InStill hub, is a creative space bringing together meditation minds, artists, neuro scientists and technologists.

Both sessions are best used with Noise Cancelling earphones because of the medicinal sounds that enter the brain. Meditation by Chris Connors, Music by Lasse Mosegard.

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