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By Jayne Robinson

We caught up with Founder of Human Performance Engineering Nicholas Harris to talk about the HPE brand and his fave piece from the collection

We created our #MoveYourFrameShop to make you look and feel your best from your Frame class to fun in the outside world. We caught up with Founder of Human Performance Engineering, Nicholas Harris to talk about how HPE clothing cares for your muscles and Nicholas’ favourite piece from the collection.

So talk us through how HPE clothing cares for your muscles.
The main aim of our fabric is to reduce stress and inflammation in the body. Our clothing increases blood flow back to the heart and all that is done through our FreshFit® fabric.

What was your vision for the brand 5 years ago?
In a market place that’s long dominated by brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma, we wanted to create a product that would make everybody feel confident, happy and to encourage health and wellness. HPE is the active wear of a new generation. We’re bringing affordable luxury and innovation to everyone.

How does the clothing adapt to both the training environment and the body’s need?
This is part of the FreshFit technology and our XT-Air fabric. When you sweat into this fabric, it lowers the body temperature by 3 degrees. Our clothing manages fluid loss in the body and this in turn boosts performance and increases recovery.

How do we know which HPE pieces are best for which kinds of workouts?
HPE clothing isn’t workout specific. The way that people train now is very different and people generally mix up their workouts. Take cross fit for example. Cross fit stresses the body in a variety of different ways and the HPE fabric works with you and not against you. Part of our brand value is to have every activity in mind and that’s why our clothing isn’t workout specific.

What HPE outfit would you put together for a sweaty Power Yoga session at FRAME?
Our print is very strong. A good Power Yoga workout outfit would be our camo combination. A mix and match of the plum leggings with the fluro/green sports bra is a fun, bold look.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
My favourite piece is the white snake print leggings. This was the first print I wanted to bring to market and it changed the direction of the brand. We’ve had people like Michelle Obama and Alessandra Ambrosio wear the product.

What challenges have you faced when starting an active wear brand?
Retail is one of the hardest industries in the world. Any challenges we do face we make sure to stick to our core values and give the customer a product that they will love and that will keep them active.

What’s next for HPE?
More amazing prints that will keep the customer excited!


What did you have for breakfast? Yogurt and strawberries
My favourite workout is…running up the canyon in west Hollywood
The song currently on my workout playlist is…Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk
My favourite time of day is…the early morning
My favourite snack is…a protein smoothie

You can get your hands on HPE activewear from our #MoveYourFrameShop pop-up at Frame Kings Cross. Coming soon to online.

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