Frame Loves: Lumo Cycling Apparel

By Jayne Robinson

Be safe while cycling (sans high vis). We caught up with Co-Founder of Lumo Cycling Apparel Lucy Bairner about the inspiration and vision behind the brand.

We created our #MoveYourFrameShop to make you look and feel your best from your Frame class to fun in the outside world. And today we’re talking to Lucy Bairner, Co-Founder of Lumo about the inspiration behind Lumo and what her vision of the brand was five years ago.

So talk us through Lumo and your inspiration behind it
LUMO design city cycling apparel and accessories with in-built LED lights.

We had the idea after Doug (my husband and business partner) was knocked off his bike in Battersea on the way to work one morning. The driver of the car that hit him suggested he made himself more visible in high-viz clothing, but the thought of him turning up to the office looking like a radioactive lemon in head-to-toe fluro and lycra was not appealing!

We both commuted by bike most days and fell in love with cycling as way of getting around in London. But the clothing thing kept frustrating us, we wanted to ride in clothes that combined style, comfort and visibility all at once – gear you could step off the bike wearing and walk into a bar looking and feeling good. So we quit our jobs and set-up LUMO in 2014 to do just that; make clothing to be seen in – on and off the bike.

What was your vision of the brand 5 years ago?
We actually sat down and wrote the answer to this exact question in 2012 when we first came up with the idea and nothing has changed since. I just checked my hand written scribbles which read;

“LUMO represents ‘Freedom Of The City’. Riding a bike is the best way to experience getting around in any city and we want the brand to represent city cycling culture and the freedom you feel from being on two wheels. All our products are designed to encourage cycling as part of everyday life. There’s no lycra – it’s all about creating stylish, functional clothing that looks and feels amazing to wear, on and off the bike.”

What challenges have you faced when starting Lumo?
Technically, integrating the lights into the garments was a challenge. We wanted them to be totally concealed when they weren’t switched on, which meant a headache for our designer and our factory. The sampling process seemed to take forever but I’m so glad we took that time to get them right because we often get complimented on the look of the jackets and bags from people who have no idea they have the lights in them.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
The Regents Parka.

We love the little details on your clothing. How do they make city cycling easy and more comfortable?
It was really important to us that all the cycling functionality was very well hidden from the naked eye. For example, we’ve used natural wool and cotton based fabrics with technical treatments to keep you cool and dry on the bike, without the horrible synthetic look and feel you get from of a lot of cycling wear. The lights are totally hidden when not switched on but visible from 400 metres away at the press of a button. There’s stretch panels in the shoulders, windbreakers in the sleeves and a slightly dropped hem to keep you as comfortable as possible when you are on the bike. The collar and pocket closures are magnetic so they are easy to access when cycling.

Sum up your brand on a short sentence.
City cycling apparel to be seen in, on and off the bike.

What’s next for Lumo?
Next year we’re launching a few new products and also looking at how we can integrate the next wave of wearable tech into our designs which is really exciting – we’re looking at wireless charging and navigation in particular. We’d also love to do a collaboration with an up and coming London designer.

What did you have for breakfast? Poached eggs on toast
My favourite workout is…I am yet to try the famous Frame rave but that’s top of my list.
The song currently on my workout playlist is…KDA – Turn The Music Louder with Tinie Tempah & Katy B.
My favourite time of day is…Evening sunset
My favourite snack is…Pitta bread and humous (for best results, serve with chilled glass of Sav Blanc)
My pet peeve is..People who moan and don’t get sh*t done.

You can shop Lumo at our #MoveYourFrameShop at Frame Kings Cross. Coming soon to online.

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