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What is Frame Work?

At Frame we’re all about variety, our joints and muscles won’t last long if all our training consists of high impact. That’s why we’re reintroducing a firm favourite with old school Framers, Frame Work. Yes, that’s right Frame Work is back in the building. Vintage Frame it pulls together the skills of all our different talented teachers into one killer toning class just in time for summer.

A mix of all that Frame has to offer – Dance, Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Frame Work does what it says on the tin SWEAT, STRENGTHEN and TONE. Expect a high intensity 45 minutes of muscle burning sequences designed to condition and strengthen the body through a mix of cardio exercises set to a backdrop of banging beats. Grin and bear it and you’ll thank us in the long run as these intense toning moves will create a long, lean body plus increase your flexibility.
The fusion of different genres requires you to use your whole body and work it as a unit. There will be a low impact pulse raising section designed to work the heart rate along with high repetition toning section that will focus on certain muscle groups to ensure you feel the burn.

Frame Work is about pushing yourself and it will surely challenge you on certain sections while making you feel like a pro on others but we guarantee you will leave feeling strong, powerful and taut.

Want to see Frame Work in action? Check out the video below!

Want to know even more about what to expect we chat to instructor Diana Van Heerden about all things Frame Work.

Frame Work is all about going back to basics, I’m a firm believer of the simpler the workout the more effective. There is no need for complicated choreography or equipment to have an effective and enjoyable workout some times you’ve just got to strip it back and go back to basics, all you require is your own body and lots commitment to push you through.
If you like to work hard but try to avoid doing too much high impact or have an injury that makes you unable to do so, this is the class you have been waiting for.
Head to the timetable to book, and to get you in the mood here’s a link to the playlist.

Want to see Frame Work in action?

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