Frame’s Top 8 Callisthenics Moves

By Jayne Robinson

Callisthenics – from the Greek words Kallos and Sthenos – meaning beauty and strength. Callisthenics is the ancient art of using your own body weight to build muscles and develop your physique, think; pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. We love it because you don’t need any special equipment…just your amazing self (and a banging soundtrack helps). Check out our top 8 callisthenics moves to really work your bod. Need more of a push? Head to one of the Frame classes below for some serious fat burning sequences, a pumping soundtrack and one super hot bod to walk out the door with!

1) Jumping Lunges

Give your lunges an upgrade and add in some jumps, adding a cardiovascular element to the exercise.
Not only working your legs you’ll also be challenging your core and balance as you land.
Want to perfect your stance? Head to our newest class Power Row, where are instructors will be able to help nail your posture and push you harder so you really feel the burn in your glutes and quads. Power Row will challenge your strength, speed and stamina through a dynamic three station circuit, putting your body weight to the test with a number of callisthenics exercises, before moving onto the rowing machine and barbells section.

2) Bicycle Abs

As well as working your lower and upper abs in one fell swoop, these beauties also get your heart rate up so they burn more calories than most other abs exercises. Head to Ass & Abs to get those abs of steel to rival the likes of J-Lo’s.

3) Jumping Squats

Really want to work those legs and get buns of steel then switch up your squats for a jumping squat. A full body exercise this will work your quads and your glutes and by stretching and contracting the muscles as your jump, you’ll be putting your calves to the test, leaving you with pins even Queen Bey would be envious of.
Used in the warm-up for Frame Cardio, jumping squats elevate your heart rate and will prep you for what’s to come…a full-on, heart racing, sweat dripping workout!

4) Press Ups

Perhaps the most popular bodyweight exercise, push-ups are HARD but extremely effective, working your chest, core and shoulders. But they can be tricky to master the right position to really nail the burn. If you don’t fancy trying these in front of the mirror at home, then come to a Box Fit class for a different spin on the exercise, you’ll master boxing basics and punching combos as well as floor and conditioning work to build stamina and burn LOTS of calories.

5) Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are a total body workout in one move, challenging your balance and agility and testing your cardio endurance. Working a heap of muscle groups not just your quads which should be on fire but also your shoulders and arms which are working hard to stabilize your upper bod, and your core too. This full-on cardio exercise will whip you into shape in no time. Hit it hard with this exercise in the HIIT section of HIIT & Chill and then reward yourself and your bod to a calming meditation session set to binaural beats.

6) Star Jumps

Who doesn’t love a star jump? Even more fun when you add in a mini trampoline. Rebounding will work your heart, lungs and muscles, this cardio workout is guaranteed to get you pumped and it will be impossible to not keep that spring in your step for the rest of the day.

7) Full Plank

Suck that tummy in, clench everything, get those shoulders down towards your feet and pretend you’re somewhere else, floating in a sparkling turquoise sea…okay so we know the plank isn’t the easiest exercise so why not try to perfect your position in Reformer Pilates with the help of the reformer bed you can push yourself deeper into the stretch and set the core alight.

8) Burpees

The dreaded burpee, okay so we know it might be up their with the bleep test with the worst exercises during PE at school, but burpees are a full body, fat busting workout. The variety of movements involved means your working a heap of muscles in your arms, chest, core, and legs plus your heart rate will go through the roof building your stamina and torching those calories! Join us in Cardio Circuits – this high-intensity metabolic conditioning class will get you feeling the burn and challenging your body to the max, leaving your feeling exhausted but exhilarated!

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