Friends of Frame: Fare Healthy’s Rose and Shelley

By Jayne Robinson

Rose and Shelley from Fare Healthy

In the run up to Fare Healthy we talk to founders Rose and Shelley

We’re excited that the Fare Healthy Festival is back on 27 September at Borough Market to show off the best in healthy eating, wellbeing and fitness – that’s right FRAME will be there too and we’ll have a stretch zone so you can stretch your Sunday out and get ready for the week ahead!

In the run up to the festival we talk to creators of Fare Healthy Rose and Shelley about healthy eating, their fitness motto and how they got to where they are now. Rose has always had a keen interest in food and cooking. She’s a trained chef and founder of bespoke catering company Peardrop London and Shelley has a similar love of cooking and runs the events at the Colombo Group. The ladies started out giving wellness talks, combined that with exercises classes and put healthy food on the table and that’s how Fare Healthy was born! So without further ado, let’s find out more from these ladies!

How was the idea for Fare Healthy born?

S: We wanted to create a day out that was fun but also a little informative – an experience that might help people realise that a healthy lifestyle can be achievable, affordable and enjoyable.
R: I guess Fare Healthy was born out of my passion for food and cooking combined with her experience in events and our burgeoning interest in health and wellness.

How did you start working in food?

R: I took a bit of a risk and dived headfirst from my career in film into making salads for office workers. I couldn’t ignore the voice in my head telling me I should be cooking!!

Tell us what Fare Healthy is all about?

It’s a celebration of your health and happiness – a feel-good festival of food, fitness and wellbeing where we can all come together to learn, eat, sweat and enjoy an inspiring day. This is your second event this year (yay)! What made you choose Borough Market as the location this time?

S: As soon as we heard you could hire it, it was the most obvious choice.

R: I love the feeling of history you get as you walk around. It’s so atmospheric

Have you always been into healthy eating and cooking?

S: No
R: Cooking yes. I’ve always loved cooking with veg, making fresh, natural dishes. But my knowledge and passion is ever growing.

What are your top tips to be happy and healthy?

S: find an exercise that you enjoy
R: Enjoy your food, don’t obsess over calories and keep it largely plant based. And sleep as much as possible and don’t feel guilty about it!

Which foodies inspire you?

S: Nigella
R: Jamie Oliver, Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley

What’s your favourite way to keep fit?

S: running round after the kids and the dog
R: Mixing it up, a bit of running, training, Barre, yoga so you don’t get bored

What is your biggest achievement so far?

S: ummm…
R: we’ll tell you in 2 weeks!

What’s one ingredient you can’t live without?

S: salt
R: lemons

What’s next for Fare Healthy?

S: I’d love to do a roller disco!
R: Next year Somerset House, 2 days!

Never eat more than you can lift/ Miss Piggy


What did you have for breakfast?

S: What did I really have?? Or what do I want you to think I had?! Ha ha
R: so far just coffee!

If I could be anything in the world, I would be…

S: a unicorn
R: just leaving school again

My pet hate is…

S: rude people
R: waxing

My favourite workout is…

S: Psycle
R: training with my friends and our amazing trainer Amina (and Frame obvs)

My favourite dessert is…

S: cheese
R: coconut rice pudding

Sweet or savoury?

S: salty
R: both together

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