Friends of Frame: Pai Skincare

By Jayne Robinson

We LOVE Pai Skincare. They're organic, vegan, cruelty-free and we're stocking some Pai products at our #MoveYourFrameShop!

If you’ve used product after product on your skin trying to figure out what is the right one for you, then you’re not alone.

Whether you have sensitive skin or allergy-prone skin, Pai Skincare have a product to suit you. All their ingredients are selected carefully with proven remedial and skin soothing properties free from irritants such as synthetic chemicals and alcohol.

They’re on the blog today giving you their top two skincare tips whilst working out. And you can purchase a handful of Pai Skincare products – including their Limited Edition Christmas gift boxes from our #MoveYourFrameShop! (Yes, it’s almost Christmas and we’re REALLY excited!)

1. Choose the Right Workout for Your Skin

While exercise is fantastic for your physical and mental health, if you have sensitive or difficult skin, it sometimes doesn’t feel that way.

Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, cycling and aerobics, pump oxygen-rich blood around our bodies and cause our blood vessels to dilate, giving skin a plumped, healthy glow.

However, easily aggravated conditions can be triggered by intensive activity. Urticaria, for example, often breaks out when the body overheats, and Rosacea can appear worse when blood flow increases.

In these cases, lower impact (but still challenging!) activities such as Barre, Pilates or Rebounding may be a better choice.

Prefer to feel totally exhausted post-class? Minimise breakout and flare-ups by starting with clean skin, then cooling and cleansing the skin as quickly as possible after your warm-down.

2. Breaking a sweat? Your skin might thank you!

That healthy glow that appears after your Frame class doesn’t just signal the good you’ve done for your mind and body – it can be the precursor to great skin too!

Breaking a sweat can help to clean out congested skin and remove impurities. It can also help to protect our complexions from bacteria, like Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli, by treating the skin with a dose of Dermcidin, a natural antibiotic.

What’s more, sweating detoxifies the body by removing alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Some studies have even suggested sweating can eliminate toxic elements, helping to actively purify your system.

Breaking out in more than a sweat? Whilst mild to moderate sweating can benefit skin, severe perspiration can trigger a breakout or occasionally a flare up. Be sure to cleanse thoroughly with a gentle, detergent-free cleanser before exercising and cool the skin rapidly with a spritz of our skin balancing BioAffinity Tonic post-workout.

It’s also a good idea to keep your yoga mat squeaky clean – a simple spray down with diluted white vinegar (1:3 with water plus a couple of drops of an essential oil like Tea Tree or Lavender if you like) will do the trick.

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