Friends of FRAME: Well + Happy

By Jayne Robinson

Introducing Well + Happy. The plant-based whole food eatery in London

With so many healthy fast food joints popping up in and around London, it’s hard not to be spoilt for choice. If you really want a nutritious and delicious fix (like a guilt-free Triple Chocolate Cheesecake – yes, we really just said Triple Chocolate Cheesecake) we’ve got just the place you can traipse over to on your lunch break.

Right round the corner from FRAME Shoreditch is a pop-up in Celestine Eleven you’ll be sure to stop by to #FuelYourFrame after sweating sexy at your lunchtime Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. Well + Happy is a plant-based whole food eatery founded by Chelsea Parsons, that combines good food with positive vibes. We talk to Chelsea about what sparked her passion for healthy food, opening Well + Happy and advice she has on living a healthy and happy life.

Thanks for meeting with us Chelsea; we absolutely love your set-up in Celestine Eleven. Is this your first pop-up in London?

It is yes! I’ve ran several pop-up events, such as well as lunches and afternoon tea’s and I’ve also hosted some events with some of London’s awesome yoga and fitness pop-ups, but this is Well + Happy’s first official home!

How did you get into healthy eating? Has it always sparked your interest?

After exploring plants as medicine when my Mum was unwell, I trained as a kinesiologist and it both fuelled my knowledge and sparked my passion around how important it is for us to become aware of what we put into and onto our bodies. I was a huge baking fan and initially started by trying healthier alternatives to flour and butter… once I discovered the world of healthy alternatives for desserts there was no going back!

Us Framers certainly have a sweet tooth so it’s good to know that we don’t have to give up dessert! So, what made you want to open up your own shop?

I’ve always dreamt of having a cafe, but it always seemed crazy to dream so big. But then I decided life was too short and precious not to follow my dreams and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

Dreaming big is the way to go! What advice do you have to those people who say that they’re ‘too busy’ to eat healthy?

Come to Well + Happy and I’ll take all of the hard work out of it for you! No one is too busy to eat healthy, London is bursting with healthy options nowadays and there are so many healthy fast-food options to grab and go on the run!

What does a day of food look like for you?

I start the day with a hot water and lemon to cleanse the system, followed by Well + Happy’s famous tiger nut milk latte when I get into work! Breakfast is usually a chia pudding and lunch is often a raw salad. At the moment my dinners are usually a plate of roasted veggies, as were fortunate enough to live around the corner from someone who grows and sells the most incredible veg – you can taste the love that goes into them.

What’s your favourite way to stay fit?

My yoga practise teamed with a long run – or when I get the chance to I love a HIIT class or session.

What advice do you have for all the Framers out there on living a happy and healthy life?

Remember it’s all about balance; balance your green juice with that glass of wine and your chocolate with your kale. And always believe that something wonderful is about to happen… as it always is!

Well + Happy, Celestine Eleven Store, 4 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3ET

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