Fitness, 10.05.2017

Get Under the Skin of the Fitness World’s Latest (Actually Useful) Trend: Fascial Stretching

You jump, you bend, you sweat, you run – but #doyoueven stretch (bro)? If your idea of stretching is the customary cool down at the end of a sesh and calling it a day, you might gawk at the fact that stretching classes are becoming the thing stateside with ‘fascia’ as the latest buzzword. And we’re totally onboard…

Fascia is the thin tissue which covers and connects our muscles, ligaments, bones and joints – our structural building blocks – so when the fascia tightens, it limits the movement of pretty much everything you need to engage when, well, moving. And, over time, ignoring your fascia could result in pain and injury.

The good news? The fix is easy (and often, cheap): foam rolling and getting intimate with a massage ball for those hard-to-reach places (hammies and upper back, we’re looking at you…). Ready to roll? Here are three things you’ll get in return for loving on your fascia:

Making time to foam roll and stretch properly before and after exercise will help avoid fascial adhesions meaning your muscles and ligaments will be in tip-top-shape for running that bit further or pushing that bit harder.

If you have chronic pain associated with working out, treating your fascia properly will literally free up your moving parts by breaking up scar tissue and increasing mobility.

After a workout you might feel sore from the build up of lactic acid in your muscles, which can be flushed out with fascial stretching, foam rolling and massaging right after a tough session.

Not quite sure where to start? Frame Personal Trainer Lucia Farina regularly runs Fascia Stretch and Release Workshops, keep your eyes peeled on the timetable to secure a spot!

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