Reform Your Form Like Royalty

The wedding of the year is nearly here and the anticipation is reaching fever pitch; which designer nabbed the coveted job of creating the gown, which celebs bagged an invite… and which didn’t… and how does a Hollywood star prep for the big day?
Meghan’s rumoured workouts leading up to the occasion have almost garnered as much attention as the dress. A self-proclaimed yogi (her mum’s a yoga instructor), Markle’s also a Pilates enthusiast, hence those long, lean arms that have already mastered the royal wave. We wonder if she actually had to train for that??

Rumours have it that the reformer bed has been key in prepping her bod for the big day and we can guess why. Through targeting both the large and small muscles in the body Pilates is the key to lengthening and elongating those muscles. With a strong focus on your core, pilates will build strength, stability and improve your posture particularly important for those hunched over a screen all day (we doubt the future princess is) but that means that Pilates will literally have you walking taller.

So whether you want to sculpt your arms like Meghan with Pilates Arms & Abs or rather take inspiration from Pippa and her pert butt with Ass & Abs, we’ve got the Pilates class for you, plus they run across every studio, every day!

3 Reasons Meghan Markle loves Reformer Pilates * disclaimer Meg’s was a bit busy prepping for a certain upcoming wedding so we’re totes guessing!

Great for improving posture
If your day job is sitting at your desk for 8 hours, then you likely have the perfect slouch down. Pilates builds strength in your hips/lower back, upper back and neck, activates those muscles that are in isolation and improves your posture.

It’s a full body workout
After a Reformer Pilates session, you’ll be left feeling glowing and energised. You’ll literally work from top to toe targeting both larger muscle groups and smaller supporting muscles for a full-body burn. It will also give you body awareness so you have full control over your body during exercise.

Great for alleviating back pain
Reformer Pilates strengthens your upper and lower body and will help to alleviate and even prevent back pain by strengthening your core, supporting the spine and keeping your body balanced. Even in our specialised Reformer Pilates: Ass & Abs and Reformer Pilates: Arms & Abs versions, we’ve kept the core focus in as it’s the foundation of day-to-day strength and keeping your body in good working order long term.

So whether you’re a beginner or a fully fledged power go-er, we’ve got the class for you!

Reformer pilates class at Frame

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