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Get Your Shit Together September

By jayne

Get Your Shit Together September

After a summer of heatwaves, festivals, long weekends and lots of fun debauchery. We are CRAVING routine. It's time to finally get our (collective) shit together and put routines in place that will help us stay on track for a happy and healthy finish to 2022. Over the month of September we'll be dropping weekly newsletters covering 4 topics that we know can add value to your life and help keep you feeling on top of things. Expect handy guides on Movement, Sleep, Gut Health and not surprisingly, Money.

1 Movement

Movement, the core pillar of Frame and the foundation to our ‘Get Your Shit Together September’ plan. We chatted to 3 our Frame Head Office staff on September movement goals, tips to staying on track and their favourite Frame classes. Read the blog here for inspiration.

2 Sleep with NEOM

Sleep your shit together this September! On September 12th, NEOM will be launching their
Perfect Night’s Sleep Plan, a science-backed 28-day program created by sleep consultant, Nick Witton. We’ll be sharing tips from the program alongside in-studio Sleep Workshops.

3 Money Matters

We’re partnering with Emilie, founder of Vestpod who is on a mission to financially empower women. She’s a money expert and will be giving us tips to help you get on top of your Personal Finances and manage your money in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Sign us UP.

4 Gut Health with Eve

Nutritional Therapist and avid Framer Eve Kalinik will be giving nutritional tips for (pardon the pun) getting our shit together by optimising our Gut Health. Expect expert tips, hacks and handy recipes to fit seamlessly into your routine.