By Jayne Robinson

Shaving, waxing, plucking, veeting, threading and laser - we've tried it all! Our pick on the best hair removal solutions...

Since the age of about 11 I quickly realised I was much hairier than, well even most boys. My beloved granny of all people was the first to point it out saying ‘you better watch out dear, you’ve got a moustache!’ which was a little rich coming from granny who had a fine set of grey whiskers. Clearly it’s all in the genes…

My teenage years were spent with some ill-advised experimentation with Joleen cream bleach (hello orange tasche!) to match my ill-advised sun-inned streaks in my barnet. When I caught the light I looked not dissimilar to a fuzzy peach gineau pig.

As I got older it wasn’t just the facial, arm and leg hair but increasingly the bikini line which became a constant drag. Thankfully with age also came the realisation I wasn’t a freak of nature but a fairly average female. I developed a penchant for rugged beardy types so they would still be the grizzly one beneath the sheets.

When it comes to hair removal, I’ve tried it all, from lycon hot waxing to threading, plucking and veeting and in my 31st year I decided enough was enough. There must be something better than this. The amount of money I’ve spent having my downstairs bits be waxed to oblivion with my legs wrapped around my head, I could have bought a house (not in London – obvs). This is when I started looking seriously into laser. Now virtually painless laser hair removal can significantly reduce the amount of bushyness that grows back.

I decided to target my most offensive areas of hair: top lip and bikini. My go to salon for all things beauty – Boudoir Beauty Parlour – were all too happy to help with their brand spanking new laser. Treatment for both areas took around 10 – 15 minutes and genuinely was pretty much painless, compared to your average wax at least. After my first session the hair took a month to grow back at all and when it did it was dramatically reduced and much finer than before. I’m now half way through my treatment and no longer need to worry about hair removal. It’s honestly life changing. I still need the initial 6 sessions with top-ups every few months, as hair grows in 6 week cycles so we want to be sure we’ve got all the little suckers. Laser is obviously a bit more expensive than other forms of hair removal but it will save money in the long run.

If you’re thinking of laser, now is the time to do it as you can’t be exposed to the sun within 2 weeks pre and post treatment. To make your decision even easier, Boudoir Beauty Parlour are running a deal to rival Groupon and the like with experienced therapists and a bijou salon in the heart of Shoreditch you won’t be shlepping to the back of beyond to get a bargain. Until Christmas you can make the most of 50% off a course of laser hair removal. If you start now you could be virtually hair free like me by next summer!

If hair removal isn’t your top priority, Framers can also make the most of other festive beauty bargains:
50% of Skin Breeze Facials
50% off Boudoir Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Email info@boudoirbeautyparlour.co.uk
Or call 0207 739 5462
Or simply pop in Boudoir Beauty Parlour 1a Turville Street E2 7HX
to book quoting Frame to get your discount.

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