Frame Meditation Guru Jody Shield explains how you can quit feeling frazzled and give yourself a little TLC…

Healing Meditation, what do we mean by that and why do we need it? All sounding a little woo woo and maybe not your thing? Think again!

Who out there feels frazzled and over whelmed by life? To do lists? Social engagements? Work? Family occasions and the list goes on… Yes life is great when it’s busy but juggling all of that is a damn job in itself right?!

So what happens, we crack on at lightning speed, careering from one appointment to the next, until we’re stopped dead in our tracks by getting sick (nature’s way of telling you to slow down!) or stress/anxiety starts popping out in the most inappropriate times.

You burst into tears at the slightest confrontation, the bus is late to work and you’re screaming at the driver, arriving at your desk flushed and panicked or worse still you snap at your loved ones over nothing.

Sound familiar?

Is healing meditation sounding a little bit more tempting now? **giggles**

If you ticked yes to all or any of the above you’re over worked and over tired and what that means in practical terms is your body, mind and soul are holding onto stress. Because not only do we feel the emotional effects of stress, our bodies suffer too. Random aches and pains popping up as little warning signs to start gives yourself some TLC.

So! Why wait until then?

There is another way. You can access the baggage and heal it painlessly and quickly in a much healthier way. You can free yourself from the pains of the past.

I work with a powerful energy healing technique which I incorporate into this meditation session. The technique allows you to clear and release the old baggage from the body, mind and spirit once and for all!

What happens?

When you release this old baggage, you’ll feel yourself transform, you’ll leave feeling lighter, brighter and calmer. All of a sudden that to do list won’t seem so daunting and maybe the bus driver will even get a smile 🙂

If this rings true for you, clear your diary on Tuesday 26th July 7.30-8.30pm for an hour or well deserved Me Time.

Jody will lead you through an hour of guided meditation specially designed to help alleviate stress and anxiety and help you feel less frazzled. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

Open to all levels. You’ll leave feeling lighter, calmer and more balanced.


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