The workout over stimulated Londoners have been screaming for and we’re super excited to be making it a timetabled class in Queens Park, Shoreditch and Kings Cross. The best of both worlds HIIT & Chill starts with a combination of speed, strength, plyometric and isometric movements all driven by deep electronic music proven to have a healing effect while you sweat. As your HIIT winds down you will be led into a blissful sound bath of hypnotic melodies and binaural beats to gradually bring you down into a meditative calm state.

Music is instrumental to the class, devised by Fabio Garces who has an extensive background in the field of cymatics, the HIIT & Chill playlist fuses ambient electronica, hypnotic melodies, binaural beats and ancient shamanic sacred sounds easing the body through the different sections.
In the HIIT section specifically Schumann Resonances, often referred to as the Earth’s heartbeat or more technically the frequencies of electromagnetic fields – yes, we know that sounds super sciency, but we promise it’s really cool plus it means you’ll begin focusing on the beats instead of the number of burpees you’ve done, making your workout even more effective, and if that wasn’t cool enough it’s also often associated with meditation and cerebral blood flow which can only be a good thing.

As your HIIT winds down you will be led through fascia release techniques using a small massage ball aiding circulation to your muscles and connective tissue, working into those knots and stress points. You will then be led into a blissful south bath with meditation gradually bringing you down into a better state of calm. The music in this section is a mix of binaural beats which are commonly used to treat anxiety and stress. It is when we are in the state of stress that our cortisol levels sky rocket, and while cortisol is not detrimental to our bodies too much cortisol can begin to impact on our sleep patterns, weight gain and general wellbeing.

While we require cortisol when we exercise to improve fat burning and metabolism, too much can have a negative impact on our minds and wellbeing. When we are stressed or anxious the negative feedback loop that should be telling the brain to chill the f***out becomes desensitised and instead keeps releasing cortisol which then leads to the ongoing high levels of cortisol in the body which can lead to weight gain, muscle weakness, further anxiety, poor sleep patterns and impaired cognitive function.

So recap what have we learnt Framers… that its essential to regulate our cortisol levels to get the best from ourselves and also our workouts.

5 handy hacks to reduce your cortisol levels just for you:

Exercise – prioritise strength training and interval workouts
Meditation – practising meditation can significantly improve cortisol and hormone balance, as can additionally taking the time to listen to binaural beats
Magnesium – the most effective anti-stress mineral because it calms the sympathetic nervous system, lowers the heart rate and helps to mellow you out
Massages – Release pent up tension and emotional stress stored in the body, proven to lower cortisol levels
HIIT and Chill – for the best of both worlds, the HIIT the body needs to workout and feel energised followed by the much needed soothing relaxation to bring you to a start of calm

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