While slick gym kit might be key to feeling – and looking – boss during your workout, there’s one piece of lycra which reigns supreme: the sports bra. Whether you go with the flow in yoga class, pound the pavement in run club or indulge in a bit of Beyonce barre on occasion, moving your frame also means possibly putting strain on your girls.

The culprit? Cooper’s Ligament – a ligament at the top of the breast which can lengthen from excessive movement. There’s no natural way to re-shorten the Cooper, but the good news is that there is a slew of hot new bras offering up their support. Sweet, right?

Read on for what to look for in your sports bra depending on your cup size and favourite type of activity, and come see us in studio next week for a series of professional bra fittings from the crew at Nike Women…


A high impact sports bra is for you if you do… Run Club, HIIT PT, Frame Cardio, Dance Cardio, Cardio Kettlebells and anything else which might create a jiggle.

Key considerations… Make sure your bra has thicker, sturdy straps and is fully fitted to you (no gaps in the cups).

Good to know… If you have a smaller chest, you might be able to get away with a compression bra, which you typically pull over your head; they don’t have cups but fit tight around the chest. We love Nike’s Pro Hyper Classic.

Frame’s Pick: Nike Women Pro Rival Bra, £40


A low impact sports bra is for you if you do… Yoga, Barre, Reformer Pilates and strength classes or personal training sessions which don’t involve jumping around.

Key considerations… While the aforementioned classes won’t require a full-on hold on your chest, you will still want some level of support. Look for low impact bras with a racerback as they tend to fit closer to the skin.

Frame’s Pick: Nike Pro Indy Cool Bra, £33

Still unsure? Come to the studio for free bra fittings by the pros at Nike Women. Join us from 6-8pm in Shoreditch on Monday 24th October, in Victoria on Tuesday 25th October and in King’s Cross on Wednesday 26th October 2016. Drop ins are welcome on a first come first serve so if you’re serious about your support, click here to reserve your spot now.

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