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How To Fill Your Summer With Love

The gals at Project Love are here to tell us how to fill our summer with love

There is nothing like enjoying a summer of love – a summer full of timeless simple pleasures, having fun, doing things you love with the people you love. But sometimes it can rush by all too quickly in a haze of prosecco and sticky commutes to work. So to make sure you get to enjoy a summer full of love this year, here are our top 10 suggestions of things you can plan and do that are guaranteed to fill you with love and create lasting memories. We’ve also whipped this up into a podcast so you can listen to our suggestions on the go.

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Take Yourself On A Breakfast Date
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Over at Project Love we’re big into taking yourself out on dates with yourself – otherwise known as masturdating – as a way to really strengthen a loving relationship with yourself. So this summer why not treat yourself to a breakfast date.

Either on your way to work or on a weekend, take yourself off to a cafe and grab a table in the sun, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast from the menu and enjoy being the focus of your own loving attention for once.


Plan A Picnic In The Park With People You Love

We know it seems like an obvious one but sometimes the summer can rush by and you realise you haven’t taken the time to enjoy some of those timeless summer pleasures, like a picnic in the park with friends. So set a date, invite one or a few of the people you love, plan your picnic feast and enjoy the simple summer pleasure of lying in the sun, chatting with your friends or a loved one and enjoying a summer feast.


Go On A Lady Date

Go on a date with one of your best friends and treat yourselves to a special day or evening out, like you would on a romantic date. Use it as a chance to really spend quality time together and catch up about how life is going, what your dreams are, what you’re making happen and what you can do to support one another in living lives you love.


Take Your Regular Exercise And Try It In A Fun Location

If you love to do yoga, have a go at doing it somewhere you’ve never done it before – at the top of a hill, in a park or on the beach, if running is your thing then why not head off to somewhere new and explore it on the run or if you’re into Barre, then check out Breakfast Barre at Frame on a Friday morning – they hold the class outside on the steps of Regents Canal in the summer!


Do Something Fun That You Used To Do As A Kid

Doing something that you used to love doing as a kid is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, let that playful side of you out and get the love flowing from within. So choose something that you used to love doing as a kid – finger painting, colouring in, roller-skating, trampolining (you get the idea) and let yourself do it for an afternoon and just see what it does for you…you’ll be surprised at how powerful it can be.


Take Yourself On A Solo Date To The Cinema

We’ve already mentioned the power and importance of masturdating – solo-dating – but this is a particularly good one which you have to try this summer if you’ve never done it before. Vicki describes her first ever solo trip to the cinema in the podcast and suggests trying an open air cinema trip for an extra special experience.


Spend An Afternoon Taking Photos Of People, Places And Things You Love

Taking photos can be a really powerful mindfulness tool, helping you step into the present and connect deeply with the things around you. So spend an afternoon deliberately taking photographs of people, places and things you love. Then develop a couple of those pictures and put them up in your home.


Grab A Friend And Go On A Cycling Adventure

Cycling adventures are another one of those lovely timeless simple pleasures that leave you with memories of a summer well spent. So grab a friend and a couple of bikes and either go cycling around where you live, visiting your favourite spots or visit somewhere that you’ve never been to before and let your wheels take you to new places.


Swim In An Outdoor Or Natural Pool

You don’t have to wait to go on holiday to enjoy a swim in the sun. If you’re in London then you can go and visit one of the many lidos – outdoor pools – or of course the wonderful natural pools in Hampstead Heath. And if you’re not in London, then check out what outdoor and natural pools, rivers and lakes are close enough for you to visit for the day and turn it into a mini holiday – soaking up some sun, relaxing and enjoy a leisurely swim. Ahhhh.


Start Your Day With Love

Now this one is a bit of a fun challenge for you: to start your day every day this summer with a dose of love. Think of things you could do at the start of the day to really get the love flowing (it doesn’t need to take more than 5 minutes): you could meditate, do some journalling, write 5 things you are grateful for and are looking forward to that day, dance around your bedroom and of course there are always a whole menu of the Frame classes to choose from to start your day with a shot of endorphins. Whatever you do, just doing one little act of love for yourself at the start of each day will really set you up to enjoy a summer full of love.

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