You made it Framers, you survived January. So kick the January blue’s to the curb and settle into a new month with good intentions and positive vibes. Struggling to get into the swing of things? We’re here to help. February is the perfect time to put yourself first and give yourself a little ‘me-time’ after a hectic start to 2019. Give into those hibernation tendencies and take time to reset and re-energise. Need a helping hand? Here are a few of our top tips…

Be unapologetic about slowing down

When was the last time you allowed yourself an opportunity to do nothing? Chances are, we’re not doing it often enough. Life in the city can feel relentless – there are a thousand things to get done, and we’re constantly connected to multiple devices. We often forget that we’re designed to need rest (and lots of it). As the seasons get colder and there’s less daylight, we’re programmed to stop moving so quickly – so let yourself make the most of it.

Create yourself a hibernation ritual

Long, wintery nights are the perfect excuse to schedule yourself some downtime. Choose an evening this week and give yourself a break from emails, social media and that endless list of things to do. Think about what would make the perfect, relaxing ritual for you – perhaps a hot bath, or a couple of hours with a great book. We’re thinking candles, hot chocolate and your cosiest socks. Set it up as if you were preparing it for a friend – with care and attention.

Let someone else do the work for you

Want to hibernate but can’t find the time, space or opportunity? We got you. Join Eloise for our Hibernation Yoga Workshop at Frame Farringdon on Saturday 16 February and we’ll take care of the rest. Expect to get warm and glowy with a Vinyasa flow, before sinking down into all of the blankets for some super-cosy Yin. Prepare to leave the mat feeling renewed, refreshed and deeply relaxed – and ready to take on the rest of winter.


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