Fitness, 29.10.2017

How to Make the Most of the Time Change

We know, we know – it’s getting a bit colder and a lot darker, and dragging yourself out of bed in the mornings might be sliding down your agenda faster than the sun setting at like, 5pm #amiright…

But hark! There is a silver lining – the clock change has granted us an extra hour to do with whatever we please. So, instead of sleeping in, make the most and get Framing in the a.m. to keep your energy levels and mood on the up (begone, SAD!). Bonus points for also freeing up your evenings for impromptu mulled wine tastings. Read on for our tips to stay strong and fight the hibernation tendencies this winter…

Besides stimulation from the light of a smartphone screen, you’re likely also stressing yourself out with your late-night scrolling and you might not even know it. We know feed after feed of the more perfect perspectives of people’s lives can cause anxiety anyway, but at night this feeling can often be magnified and keep you up, cogs turning away… One hour before bed, put your phone on charge away from you and sip a cup of Cherry Night or a sleepy herbal tea to help you on your way to catching a full night of zzzs.

An oldie but a goodie – lay out the your gym kit, pack your work bag and prep any other bits which will make your morning easier… We’re talking everything from putting ground coffee in your cafetiere and water in the kettle, ready to go, to filling your S’well bottle with water.

…And attack any excuses you’re likely to come up with in your sleepy state. We’re talking, sleep in your gym kit – or parts of it at least; make sure you time your heating to come on 30 minutes before your alarm goes off; develop a mantra for when you just don’t wanna do it – something like, “what will I gain from this?” to which the answer will be, well, a lot… Find whatever you normally fight against first thing, and target it with a solution.

You’re much less likely to bail if you know somewhere out there, a friend (ideally not the one you went for after-work drinks with last night… Mutually assured destruction is not the one) is pulling on their Lycra in the dark just to sweat it out with you. Find a friend who is just that bit more dedicated than you and let guilt do the rest 😉

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