Even if you’ve been practicing yoga for years, getting into a headstand can be quite daunting. A headstand might be one of the more challenging poses in yoga, but once you nail it, you’ll want to #InvertYourFrame every day! (Seriously, it’s addictive…) So, fear not, Framers because yoga guru Steffy White is here with her top tips on how to perfect your headstand. And we talk to Steffy about her inspiration, being yourself and ice cream (Yummo!).

Hey Steffy! So, have you always been into health and fitness?
I loved sport as a kid, I was mad about football and I stopped eating meat when I was really young, but I wouldn’t say it was a conscious decision until my twenties.

What’s your favourite yoga style?
I certainly love a dynamic practice however only when it’s mindful. Yoga for me is not a workout, I use other outlets for that, and even I sweat buckets and breathe loud, it is always meditation, it is always connecting body to mind, breath to movement and a listening practice as I follow something bigger than myself. Staying really present moment to moment. That’s my favourite style of yoga.

Who is your inspiration?
I have so many. My family, my boyfriend, my yoga teachers and a list of philosophers as long as my arm. Musicians, dancers, mums and dads, people who set aside time to get on the yoga mat. People who do what they love! Healers.

We all love healthy eating, but you MUST have something naughty that you can’t resist?
Ice cream. Everything is good in moderation!

What do you love about Frame?
The people who come to my classes, they are awesome! The energy is insane!

Any new and exciting projects coming up?
Yes, but it’s a secret!

Do you have any advice for our Framers out there on how to live a healthy and happy life?
Be YOU. Listen to your heart. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone let you think you are not good enough. Sleep well. Hug often and get off your phone at dinner!

Book into a yoga class with Steffy White and downward dog your way to Frame!

How To: Stand on your Head with Steffy White

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