Do you feel stuck in certain aspects of your life? Does your career leave you feeling flat? Is your nutrition lacklustre or your stress leaving you depleted and anxious? We want our Framers to have the best 2017 possible, not just when they’re sweating it out at their Frame classes. Which is why we’ve teamed up with our friends in the know to give you all a helping hand where you need it most.

From life design to careers, nutrition and stress we will be covering a whole host of topics to ensure you’re living the life you want in 2017. We will be hosting events and giving you regular updates over the Frame newsletter and blog so you won’t miss out, no matter how busy your schedule. See below for the upcoming events, we will be adding more throughout the year so don’t forget to check back so you don’t miss out!


Thursday 12th Jan, 7.30-9pm, Frame Yoga Kings Cross

As we step into a fresh new year it’s time to figure out what you want this year to be all about – what experiences you want to have, the goals and challenges you want to set for yourself, the projects you want to work on and what you want to achieve in 2017.

So to help you figure that out and make a plan we have teamed up with the ladies over at Project Love to host an event on how to design a life you love in 2017.

With a mixture of guided visualisations, practical exercises and EFT (emotional freedom technique) you will get clear on what key ingredients you need in your life this year to feel happy and fulfilled and what you want your 2017 to be all about.

You’ll learn the life design tools and practices that will help you create the life you want to live in 2017 and work to clear away some of the blocks that get in the way of you creating that life.

And you’ll go away with a 2017 action plan to get started on straight away.

Selina and Vicki have a combined 12 years of helping women create lives and relationships they love. Through their 121 coaching programmes, online courses, workshops, events and retreats they have helped thousands of women to step into their power and create the lives they really want to be living.

Join them on 12th Jan to find out how they do that and experience it for yourself.

Tickets are priced at £20, book online via the timetable from 2 weeks prior to the event or on Billetto by following this link now!


Saturday 4th February, 1.30-3.30pm or 3.45-5.45pm at Frame Victoria

Is your subconscious mind holding you back from being your calmest, happiest self?

In this 2 hour workshop we’ll discuss strategies for managing anxiety and becoming more calm and positive. You’ll detox your mind of old beliefs, come more powerfully into the present moment and super charge your confidence – leaving you feeling ready to handle whatever the future brings.

You’ll experience a group hypnotherapy session specifically designed to reprogram your mind (and BTW, it’s seriously relaxing).

Come wearing comfy, warm clothes as you’ll be seated on the floor and then lying down on yoga mats for the group hypnotherapy. Expect to chat to the person next to you and share thoughts and experiences with them, with the option to share with the group (although this isn’t compulsory).

Afterwards there will be a chance to stay for a cup of tea and a chat – although if you need to dash off – that’s totally cool too.

You’ll leave feeling seriously chilled and with a feeling that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ll also receive a free hypnotherapy MP3 to continue your progress at home.

Tickets are priced at £25. Book online via the timetable from 2 weeks prior to the workshop or at reception now.


Wednesday 8th February, 7.30-8.45pm at Frame Yoga Kings Cross

It’s that time of year when we want to hit the refresh button and attack the coming months with some renewed oomph. But how do you work well and feel good too? Wellbeing is such an important facet of career success – and something we often overlook.

With this in mind, Frame and The Step Club are hosting their first event to help you be your best, feel awesome and clarify want success actually means to you anyway.

Join us on 8th February for a unique evening of career wellness, so that you can have your best year yet.

Alice and Phanella are the fresh, new voices in the women’s career conversation. The pair sit at either ends of the creative/corporate spectrum and know that it’s just as valid to aspire to career contentment, as it is to want to become the next CEO. The Step Up Club is the new go – to commentator on women’s careers. Through its stylish events and recently published book [Step Up: Confidence, Success and Your Stellar Career in 10 Minutes a Day, Penguin Random House] Alice and Phanella are changing – and improving – the conversation around women’s careers.

Tickets are priced at £15, book online via the timetable from 2 weeks prior to the event or on Billetto by following this link now!


Saturday 18th February, 3-5pm in Shoreditch

Join Frame old favourite, Jermaine for a boxing mash up. You’ll kick off with a super sweaty Box Fit style work-out, before donning your gloves and working through punching technique. There will be partner work, individual coaching and a whole lot of sweat!

Book via the timetable from 2 weeks prior to the workshop.


Saturday 25th February, 2.45-4.45pm in Kings Cross

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn how to use mindfulness and meditation as tools to free yourself from stress, negative thinking and self criticism.

We will cover the science behind mindfulness – so you will come away with a detailed understanding of how this practise can actually change the make-up of your brain – and so when used effectively change the way you think and feel forever.

We will have a look at the biggest challenges people experience when they start meditating. You’ll come away from the workshop understanding why you haven’t been able stick with meditation until now and with the secret on how to change that in 2017.

Finally, we will finish with a deep healing meditation – clearing out past negative thoughts and setting you up for success as you go into the new week equipped with the knowledge on how to live a more mindful life.

Holiday is a fresh new voice in the meditation world – intent on bringing meditation to a the next generation meditators. After years of training with some of the best meditation teachers in the world, she founded Breathe & Stop – modern meditation training rooted in science and free from fluff. When not on the meditation mat, you’ll find Holiday DJing around London, swatting up on the newest research on meditation and the brain or cutting shapes on a dancefloor somewhere.

Book via the timetable from 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

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