5 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anxiety

By Jayne Robinson

Since 22% of us feel anxious most of the time, you’re definitely not alone if you’re going through it at the moment. It’s by far and away the most common issue I see in my hypnotherapy practise, but the good news is that hypnotherapy for anxiety gets great results. Here’s how it can help.

anxiety hypnotherapy

Being Here, Now
Whenever you’re anxious, chances are your mind is spiralling through time. Whether you’re worrying because you think it helps you to mentally prepare (it doesn’t BTW) or ruminating over some past *mistake* you feel you made, mental time travel is all too often a one way ticket to anxiety-ville. But when you’re present and in the here and now? All your focus is right where it needs to be. Happiness is found in the present moment, so why not hang out there more often? Hypnotherapy can help you to adjust your attention, so you tune in with a calm concentration to the moment.

Digging for Treasure
Whether you consciously realise it or not, you have some crazy-good gems of wisdom AND a well of strength inside you. You’ve learned a lot, overcome some tough stuff, and gained some super valuable insights throughout your life so far. What if you could tap into all of that and truly appreciate yourself? I bet you’d feel a helluva lot stronger and calmer as a result. Hypnotherapy helps you to do just that.

Expect the Best
So you’ve got an event/presentation/interview coming up and you’re a nervous wreak. Chances are you’ve mentally played out everything that could go wrong in bright technicolour and died a thousand tiny deaths before the big day even arrives. Rather than helping you to prepare, this just reinforces the fear. But what if you were to imagine it going well? Everything turning out ok? Because, 99% of the time, it does. By seeing things going well during a hypnotherapy session, your subconscious learns that it’s safe to feel positive and relaxed about the future. And I know you want that!

Offload the Past
We all take on board stuff throughout our lives. Mum was overbearing and stressy at home, that kid that was mean to you as you got up to read your poem in school, your first boy/girlfriend was a real d*ck. We all have something. The subconscious replays our stress and negative beliefs from the past; it doesn’t realise it’s out of date. Hypnotherapy helps you to offload the junk and creates space for a calm and positive you to emerge.

Feeling the Feels
Ever heard the phrase ‘what you resist, persists’? Sometimes it can feel like the more we battle against anxiety, the worse it gets. However, something strange and beautiful happens when we make peace with our anxiety. We no longer strengthen it by fighting against it. Hypnotherapy can help you to allow yourself to feel those feelings, even if they’re uncomfortable. It’s amazing how doing this can transform them.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who is booked onto my hypnotherapy workshop tomorrow at FRAME Shoreditch or on 13th August at Kings Cross. We’ll discuss ways to manage it and you’ll experience an incredible group hypnotherapy session.

If you’re not booked on – don’t worry, you can download my FREE hypnotherapy MP3 for relaxation here. Or for details of my 1-2-1 hypnotherapy sessions see www.easywaytochange.co.uk.

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