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By Jayne Robinson

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We caught up with Koral designer Ilana Kugel on inspiration, which leggings to wear where and tapioca pancakes.

We created our #MoveYourFrameShop to make you look and feel your best from your Frame class to fun in the outside world. We caught up with Koral designer Ilana Kugel on her inspiration, which leggings to wear where and tapioca pancakes.

You have a background in swimwear design. How does this aid the engineering of activewear garments for high performance?
Because of my background in swimwear I was already very familiar with both compression and Lycra based fabrics, which are used predominately in both swimwear and activewear. I had the vision of creating a collection that merged swimwear and activewear together. The majority of our fabrics are swimmable and can be worn in the water as well as to the gym.

Talk us through the inspiration for the FW15 collection.
The female martial artists of early Japan inspired the Fall Collection, The Way of the Warrior. My love of martial arts and Japanese silhouettes led me create a collection full of minimalist shapes and kimono-esque layers.

Where do you seek inspiration daily?
Many things in my daily life such as, art, photography, books, music and emotional experiences inspire me.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
My current favorite piece from the collection is the Flare Overcoat. It’s a kimono-inspired jacket made with a unique structured fabric that works great as both a post workout layering piece or something to throw over a dress for an evening out.

Which pieces from the collection are best suited to which kinds of exercise?
Our signature lustrous legging is an all-purpose piece that works great for anything from water sports to spin class or even as a sport-chic fashion bottom to be worn with boots and a sweater. Both our Drive and Frame Legging are made with compression-based fabrics and are perfect for high intensity workouts, such as, running, or boxing. Our mystic legging features a soft, heathered, moisture wicking fabric that works well for Yoga, Pilates and Dance. All of our pieces are extremely versatile and are designed to be worn from day to night.

Can you tell us more about the fabric technology and the durability of the clothing?

Our Infinity Fabric is made with Extra Life Lycra Spandex, which is 10X more durable than regular spandex and is naturally more resistant to chlorine, fabric deterioration, and shape loss. Our Evanesce fabric is a 4-way stretch compression fabric that improves mobility, increases oxygen delivery to muscles and deters muscle fatigue.

It also integrates our moisture movement technology that swiftly wicks away perspiration.

Tell us about the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in launching an activewear label?
The biggest hurdle would definitely be getting people to understand that our brand is more than just Activewear. Koral is a lifestyle brand and the pieces are designed for everyday wear.

What’s your biggest learning curve?

For me, the biggest learning experience designing Activewear has been integrating it completely into my lifestyle. It’s changed the way I live altogether. I have always lived a healthy and active lifestyle but now with each piece I design, I am constantly trying new workouts to test the product and always finding new ways to be as healthy as possible. Activewear is a way of life, not just a piece of clothing.

What’s next for Koral?
We have so many exciting collaborations and new ventures ahead. Stay tuned to see what we have in store.

My dream breakfast is…Tapioca Pancakes with Scrambled eggs and Avocado!
The Koral piece I can’t get out of at the moment is…Ventilation Tee
I wish I was… Taller
My favorite time of day is…The morning
If I were an animal, I’d be…A dolphin
My biggest vice is…Justin Bieber music
My biggest release is…Working out and being outside
My favorite way to sweat is…Spinning!
The song currently on repeat on my workout playlist….Where are U Now by Justin Bieber
My next holiday destination will be…Paris

The following Koral collection is available now in our #MoveYourFrameShop at Frame Kings Cross and coming soon to online.

Navy Vertex Stirrup Leggings
Specter Versatility Bra
In Motion Leggings
Triad Tank
Lustrous Leggings
Drive Leggings
Emulate Leggings
Void Sports Bra
Kindai Frame Leggings
Mystic Leggings
Covert Jacket

Top left: Triad Tank (£135) and In Motion Leggings (135), Top right: Specter Versatility Bra (£125), Bottom left: Kindai Frame Leggings (£125), Bottom right: Covert Jacket (£260).

Shop Koral Activewear

Koral Activewear is available now in our #MoveYourFrameShop at Frame Kings Cross and coming soon to online.

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