New year, same great roster of FRAME workshops… Plus, all the happenings around our new studio launches this month!


Meditation & Mindfulness for Stress with Holiday Phillips – Saturday 13th January 2.45-4.45pm

Fascia Stretch & Release Workshop with Lucia Farina – Saturday 13th January 3-5pm

Beyonce Dance Workshop with Cassius Powell – Saturday 20th January 3-5pm
HIIT & Chill Workshop with Gede Foster – 20th January, 2-3pm

Back to Basics Yoga Workshop with Micki Ramondt – Saturday 27th January 2.45-4.45pm

Splits Workshop with Gede Foster – Saturday 27th January, 3pm-5pm


Back to Basics Yoga Workshop with Polly James – Saturday 13th January 2-4pm


Reset & Rebalance Yoga with Suzie Hunter-Smith – Saturday 6th January 2.45-4.45pm

Beyonce Dance Workshop with Cassius Powell – Saturday 13th January 2-4pm

Detox Yoga Workshop with Siobhan Champion – Saturday 20th January 2.45pm-4.45pm

Destiny’s Child Workshop with Camille Sharpe – Saturday 20th January, 2pm-4pm

Sean Paul Dance Workshop with Frankie Taylor – Saturday 27th January 2-4pm

Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop with Holiday Phillips – Saturday 27th January 2.45-4.45pm

Lock in 12 PT sessions for £700 (that’s around £58 per session – £12 cheaper than a single sesh) to use over six weeks. Email before the end of January to buy 💪


A FRAME Founder Membership is an all-access pass to your studio of choice which gets you into any class for £125 per month. Essentially, it’s the same bells and whistles as our Full Membership, just studio specific, with a £74 per month savings.

How do I sign up? Email letting us know which studio location (Fitzrovia or Hammersmith) you prefer.

8th January: Fitzrovia Timetable opens for bookings
15th January: Hammersmith Timetable opens for bookings
16th January: Founder Evening at Fitzrovia
17th January: Launch Party at Fitzrovia
18th January: We’re fully open in Fitzrovia!
18th-21st January: £5 Weekender in Fitzrovia
27th January: Hammersmith opens with a festival day
27th-28th January: £5 Weekender in Hammersmith!

Want to learn more and stay on the pulse? Learn more and sign up for updates on Frame Fitzrovia here or Frame Hammersmith here.


To celebrate our Fitzrovia launch, we’ve partnered with 100 Wardour Street to put our greatest hits to help Central London Framers move it and groove it in and out of the studio…

Wednesday 10th 6.30pm – Reset and Rebalance Yoga with David Kam: A chance to reset your focus and rebalance your energy for the new year ahead. You will be taken through a restorative sequence to rebalance both the body and the mind. A blissful hour to shut off from the rest of the world and focus on you.

Wednesday 17th 6.30pm – Beyonce Barre with Ianthe Mellors: A low intensity class designed to work your entire body and increase your strength & flexibility. The heat raising element fires up your metabolism ensuring calorie burn long after your workout is finished. By working each muscle to fatigue while incorporating lengthening stretches, Barre will give you the long, lean limbs of a dancer. We know music is key to staying motivated long after the burn has kicked in, that’s why we’ve created this BEY barre class. Expect a killer Beyonce soundtrack and the highest level of attitude.

Wednesday 24th 6.30pm – Yin & Gin with Bianca Capstick: Yin Yoga has transformative effects on the body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of connective tissues encourages long-term health and flexibility of the joints and recharges the energetic systems of the body, whilst drawing the mind inward into a relaxed state. The poses are soothing and calming and allow your body to release any physical and emotional tension. The best addition to yin? Gin.

Saturday 27th 10am – 90s Dance Cardio vs Music Video with Jeannine Desmier: This favourite mix of classes means non stop dance accompanied by some big tunes to transport you to your happy place. You come, you let that hair down, and jam out to your hearts content. Dance Cardio is guaranteed to get the sweat dripping and the endorphins buzzing and Music Video is all about escaping reality of the every day and letting out your inner diva. This class is so fun you’ll work your whole body without even realising it’s cardio. Build strength, stamina and flexibility with moves straight from MTV.

Saturday 3rd Feb 10am – Frame Rave with Gede Foster: Frame Rave promises to release more endorphins than you ever deemed possible. Think of it like a night out hitting the dance floor hard with your best mates, disguised as a workout. You’ll leave dripping in sweat but totally exhilarated! Frame’s on a mission to make sweat sexy, so come and join us for 45 minutes of non-stop cardio to get your heart-racing the natural way!

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