Let’s face it life is crazy busy these days with no sign of slowing down! Our to-do lists are through the roof, we finish the day tired but wired from all the day’s activities. Something gotta change right? Here’s some tips to help you bust though your stress and keep you on an even keel…



This is a great way of clearing out the subconscious junk we all carry around, whether you are a writer or not it really don’t matter. What you’ll be writing is essentially one big long brain dump of nonsensical words. If you do this first thing for 15/20 minutes, literally downloading the rubbish out of your head, you’ve freed a bit of space up for the rest of the day. Voila!



Tapping while deep breathing helps to open up your airways. Take your hand and gently tap it on the V bone of your collarbone (where a man ties a bowtie).



When my to do list is off the chart and I don’t know where to start I sit back, breathe deeply for a few minutes, then pick 3 meaty things which are absolutely key for that day and focus on doing them and doing them well. All the other bitty things can wait. This really helps me focus for the day and allows a sense of achievement because I’ve cracked on with the most important parts. A super simple tip but how many of us actually do it?



Party with it. The more you panic, the worse your reaction. Instead, try this. When you know your stress is coming on (instead of panicking about what might happen) sit with where you feel it in your body and feel it. Feel your feelings. Reconnect to them. But be patient!! You might need to stay with your feelings for a little while to give them a chance to open and move. By having the intention to embrace your emotions, and feel them in your body, you will allow your emotions to move freely through your body. Emotions are energy in motion and will flow through freely.



Well this one is a no brainer 🙂 we all live such crazy fast paced frenetic lives and it aint slowing down anytime time soon. So what can we do? Change how we react to it all, try my meditation for staying zen. Much of this stuff is about taking accepting where you are at and how you feel coupled with action to get yourself into a happy and balanced state. We’re human we go off kilter and that’s ok! However, having a dedicated meditation practise even just 10 minutes a day can allow space between the thoughts, detachment from the anxiety and acceptance that is well, no matter what situation you are in

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