Jody Shield: How To Stay Balanced & Grounded

By Jayne Robinson

Spring is an exciting time for transformation, resident meditation expert Jody Shield shares her top tips for staying sane when the seasons change

Spring is most definitely springing….boing! It’s a chance for growth, and lots of it! Beautiful flowers come into bloom, the weather gets warmer, the nights lighter, and it’s an exciting time for transformation. Check out Jody’s top tips to stay balanced and grounded at this time of year…

It’s common to feel like we’re being pushed into a new and different direction by life, and that can feel scary. The tip here is to not worry (easier said than done) and instead focus on embracing the change, as scary as it may feel. Create time every morning to get quiet, and sit still. Thank the universe for all the lessons coming your way, no matter how painful or challenging they may be. Trust that you’re in the right place, right now. Try repeating an affirming phrase like: ‘I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now’.

As crude as this sounds, we all seem to struggle with what people think about us. It rules our lives, makes our decisions much harder and drains our energy. We waste so much time worrying about pleasing everyone in our lives, that we forget about pleasing ourselves. There’s a great book on this ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a f**k’ – it’s a tongue-in-cheek book that makes a lot of sense. It helps you reclaim your time and energy, and your sanity while showing you how to not give a f**k so much. We love it!

Flowers lift me up, and having them in my life gives me instant inspiration. Give yourself a budget of £20 a week (you can afford it!) and buy your favourite ones. Perhaps make a date with yourself to go to the flower market, and you’ll be surrounded by flowers! You’ll be amazed how such a simple act like buying flowers can boast your mood – give it a go this week.

Spring is all about renewal and stepping into the new. You’ve come out of hibernation and are ready for whatever life throws your way. So it’s a perfect time to give yourself a little spruce. Treat yourself to a lovely facial or massage or hair cut. I love the facial at Cowshed click HERE to book yours and invest in you because (in the words of L’oreal) you’re worth it!

Gym move that is! It’s easy to get into a rut with your routine. Why not try something totally new. Don’t worry that you’ve never done it before, or it isn’t your ‘thing’ – you might find a mix up is just what you need. There are a load of classes right here at Frame to choose from. Perfect time to your bikini body into shape 🙂 at the moment I’m loving cardio kettlebells with Jermaine – check it out HERE

Jody holds monthly themed meditation sessions across Frame studios.
Click here for full details of upcoming events

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