Keep the Gains: Mixing Up Your Workout

By Jayne Robinson

How can you find the best workout for your bod?

More is not always more, and a big part of fat loss is to gradually increase frequency and intensity. How do you make fat loss work for your body? Sure you might know about HIIT or interval training, but both are often abused in a way that stalls progress more than it helps.

While exercise isn’t rocket science, it still is a science—and one that heavily depends on all of the demands you place on your body. To achieve faster fat loss, any training plan won’t do. For someone else might not work for you because of genetics, or it could just be that it doesn’t fit with the other stressors in your life. This post is described to help you find the best workouts for your body (especially if you’re busy and short on time, which most of us are), and that is maybe the most valuable secret there is for transforming your body.

We make no bones about being fitness eclectic — from dancing to lifting weights faster to calisthenics to kettlebells to yoga, we love mixing up your workouts, testing out the new and novel, and learning from the best and brightest coaches in the biz! Keeping you body guessing like this is a great contributor to fat loss.

We are huge fans of listening to your body, heeding its signals, and making adjustments to your workouts accordingly. That means some days, you can push hard and feel amazing. Other times, depending on your stress levels— such as increasing lack of sleep, poor nutrition or a hard deadline, it’s important to pull back a bit on the metabolic sessions or sprint training that we love so much! But intuitive training doesn’t only apply on a workout-by-workout basis. As you learn your body’s natural cycles and its responses to training and other stressors, you may notice longer-term cycles of turn-it-up and tone-it-down.

We’re essentially talking about naturally mixing up your cardio sessions just as you might more officially mix-up your main strength plan. Good news is, Frame offers something for everyone! Listen to your body today and don’t forget to join us for a class!

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