Let Us Eat Cake: Chatting with The Hardihood

By Jayne Robinson

Less Vegan, More Vogue is The Hardihood motto. We chat to them about their inspiration, how they keep fit and CAKE.

Less Vegan, More Vogue is The Hardihood motto and we’re hella excited to be stocking The Hardihood Raw Chocolate + Peanut Butter Cake at Frame Kings Cross and Frame Shoreditch now!

How was The Hardihood born?
It was January 2014 and giving up sugar was the resolution du jour. We were trekking all over London looking for healthy alternatives to satisfy our cake cravings and we just weren’t excited by any of the options we found. We knew that in Oz and America there were companies nailing healthy cakes and creating beautiful raw alternatives but there wasn’t anything competitive here yet. We bought a blender, a load of dates, nuts and coconut oil and began making our own. We had so much fun experimenting that we just kept going really.

What is your favourite cake?
It changes daily. At the moment, we’re working on recipes for our cookbook so we’re trying a lot of new recipes. I don’t think Banoffee Pie or Double Chocolate Brownie Cake will ever get old.

How do you come up with different, exciting recipes?
We tend to look at the recipes that we loved as kids and then get to work creating the raw version. Also, if we’re in a restaurant and a dessert jumps out us we’ll make a point of giving it a whirl in the kitchen.

Can you take us through your typical day of food?
Kick the day off with hot water, lemon and rocket as it’s a good way to maximize absorption and the rocket is a great way to get some DIM in as well. Following that it’s usually a smoothie a little bit later in the day. At the moment, we’re hung up on The Framer! Lunch at the moment is usually a salad or a miso soup, we’re usually eating on the move or dashing out of the kitchen at the moment so it’s never very exciting. For dinner we’re trying to make sure we eat something calming as we can finish work quite late so it needs to be something that’s going to set us up for sleep. Anything with seaweed is great and we’ve been getting really into making blueberry and banana wholegrain pancakes for dessert, they’re so good.

What are some of the struggles you’ve faced in creating your business?
Wow, where to begin. We’ve been lucky a lot of our journey has felt very natural but yeah… there’s never enough fridge space and always too much washing up! The struggle is real.

There are many vegan cake businesses out there, how do you differentiate yourselves?
For us, it’s all about the cake tasting as good if not better than its unhealthy counterpart. Our cakes are celebration cakes and for that reason we want them to look like something worth celebrating. Our light, elegant minimal aesthetic has become fundamental to the brand’s personality. We want our cakes to appeal to everyone whether they’re on a health mission or not.

How do you like to keep fit?
Kayla Itsines and morning runs in the park with Leah’s dog, Bobby. Weekly yoga is also essential, it’s good to stretch the shell it creates space in your body and mind. We’re different people after a good class.

Who is your inspiration?
We take inspiration from everywhere; art, travel, architecture, good graphics, innovative design, a good read, a powerful lecture;. Anything that makes you feel like you’re seeing it for the first time is a good place to start with inspiration.

Any new and exciting things coming in the future?
Our cookbook Raw Cake! We are beyond excited about this, it’ll be released in March 2017 and we can’t wait to fill the pages with all of the organized madness of our kitchen.

What’s your favourite quote?

“I’m not a ‘do nothing bitch’” Ronda Rousey

What’s your fave workout? Consistency is key
What did you eat for breakfast? Porridge with acai, Chaga, bee pollen
What’s on your workout playlist? Hozier
What’s your biggest release? Swimming in the ocean
What’s your go-to snack? Hardibar
My pet peeve is… grumpy people
My ideal holiday would be… sun, sea, mountains, coconuts, no wifi
My goal for 2016 is… meditate more, swear less, read more, scroll less

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