Loving your Frame Card discount? What can you buy with the money you save?

By Jayne Robinson

Dreaming of a pay rise? Wishing for a fairy Godmother at the end of the month to sprinkle your purse with a few more pounds? Then wish no more because Frame is filling those shoes because we’re saving your hard earned money every month. By switching to the Frame card you can save on average anywhere between £2 to £4 on every class you book, do 10 classes a month? You do the math.

Just think of all you could buy with all the money you save, hello Oxford Street.

Frame card discount

Need a few ideas, we’ve got you covered:

New Swell Bottle because we’re all about saving the environment at Frame #notoplastic. Plus we just really love David Attenborough and his dulcet tones on Blue Planet, when is that coming back? Sounds Swell!

Your OWN Netflix account, is it not time to stop stealing your housemates? Nah, who are we kidding!

ANOTHER pair of Move Your Frame leggings because a gal can never have enough.

BIOCOL LABS – Something for a detox week. Show your liver some love after the excessive sunshine drinking over the Bank Holiday. This will help to maintain the normal liver function and supports the detoxification and elimination of additives, food excesses and pollution effects. Find your something here!

An overly expensive brunch at Sketch, because you’ve got to do it for the Insta.

Done a class at Frame? Then treat yourself to an Uber home, it’s all about balance right?

Haven’t got your Frame Card yet? What are you waiting for, head over to the memberships page to sign up and get saving those pennies!

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