By Jayne Robinson

Welcome to World Mental Health Day

At Frame, we’re strong believers in working on our mental health every day. Mental health, like physical health, is an ongoing project and we will have both good days and bad. Finding the right balance of rest, exercise and nutrition while holding down a demanding job and a healthy social life can be hard, and it’s OK not to have it all in check at once – in fact it’s pretty impossible…

Read on for our top tips to maintaining mental health.


Whatever ups and downs we face, from work stresses to relationship breakdowns to financial worries, it’s fundamental to check in with our body and mind in order to strengthen our coping mechanisms. If you listen to your body and make choices about exercise and nutrition based on your mood and energy levels you will be working with your body, not fighting it.

So if you’re feeling frazzled and you would usually reach for the caffeine just to ‘get through’ a workout, maybe you should be having a rest day, checking in for a calming yoga class or even just working on taking deep restorative breaths to calm your central nervous system down. Check out our handy mood filter on the timetable to pick a class based on your mood.


You’ve heard it all before, you don’t really need us to tell you. On the whole small screens don’t make us feel good long term and too much screen time throughout the day can have a negative effect on the quality and quantity of sleep you get. We all know a good night sleep is integral to how we feel the next day so consider unplugging from all screens after 8pm and spend some time IRL with those you love.

Good news for Cinema lovers however (and those with at-home projectors), as light rays in the cinema are projected onto a screen, not your retinas, this will have much less impact on your sleep – plus you can do this with a mate.


When Dr Johnson said ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ he didn’t have to deal with the Central Line at 8am or paying 90% of his monthly wage to live in a shoebox. However, there was some pretty heinous sanitation issues and next level pollution in 1700’s London…

The point is, make the most of where you are right now. It’s easy to wish we were somewhere else but the problem with that is you end up wishing your life away. I’m sure we’d all rather be on a beach in the Amalfi Coast but there’s likely to be some pretty awesome stuff happening on your doorstep, a lot of which won’t cost you a penny. From checking out an art galleries to an autumnal walk with a friend, mixing up from the daily grind often helps get out of your head and into your body and gain a fresh outlook.

If you’re struggling with your mental health you can find professional help and support at the following websites:
Heads Together
The Samaritans

Maeve is a Framer, she is also a poet, artist and she works in charities. Watch Maeve's story and find out how Frame has helped maintain her mental health.

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