Meet The Instructor: Fran

By Jayne Robinson

You already know they are fit and fantastic at getting you moving, but we want you to know more about what makes our fabulous and inspirational instructors tick... this week meet Fran Finbow.

You already know they are fit and fantastic at getting you moving, but we want you to know more about what makes our fabulous and inspirational instructors tick… this week meet Fran Finbow.

What do you teach and where?
HIT Strength at Queens Park, Kettlebells at Shoreditch and lots of other classes over all the Frames.

Have you always been into healthy living and fitness?
Pretty much, I was dancing, running and jumping all the way through my childhood with a brief hiatus to dedicate myself to being a difficult teenager. Though I soon discovered that being as lazy as possible and eating cornish pasties (I’m from the Southwest, staple diet down there) does tend to lead to an expanding waistline and maximisation of teenage misery. I took myself from sofa to school athletics team and I never looked back. I did stop along the way to experiment with a couple of ridiculous diets – cabbage soup being one of them, hilarious, I still hate cabbage to this day. Scrapping all of that I’d developed a healthy ethos and have stuck to it over the years.

Tell us about your fitness/PT training background
Years of classes and gym sessions, experience and love of feeling fabulous through sweat made me think, I’ve probably got what it takes to help others towards their own goals of feeling awesome. So I put myself through PT school and I qualified two years ago. I continue to educate myself on the subject all the time, I’m forever signing up to courses, researching and attending seminars. You never stop learning and everyone is so different you have to be prepared for all eventualities.

What/who inspires you?
I’m big fan of all the original strength buffs – Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin being the ultimate guru but now with his influence there are a whole host of amazing leaders in strength and conditioning all doing their own research and applying their experiences to educate others. Wolfgang Unsoeld, for instance an incredible trainer from Stuttgart. I recently attended one of his seminars, his knowledge is insane, I’m in totally in awe of him. I also have someone with a similar style a little closer to home that inspires and encourages me everyday. I’m always bouncing ideas off him and asking his advice. His success, drive and approach inspires me no end, and I’m lucky enough to have him as my mentor. I owe a lot to him!

What’s your training style?
I like to get people strong! After experimenting with so many different types of exercise over the years, these days I really focus on strength and that means getting into the weights room to face some giant bits of metal! It’s the best feeling and almost always helps to keep your body fat down so I often hit the squat rack and get to the odd strong-man session when I can.

If you weren’t a trainer/PT what would you be and why?
I’d be running a ski chalet in The Dolomites.

What’s your typical day of food? (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Breakfast – egg, chicken or any meat left over from dinner with avocado. Lunch might be chicken with veg. Dinner – salmon with veg and sweet potato wedges. Yum!

We all love healthy food and living, but what’s your weakness?
Coffee and boozy desserts, no need to have wine with dinner if you can get tipsy off your pud!

What’s your motto?
Be nice to yourself; we work hard, we’re on the hustle in a very stressful city so we must all spare a thought for our adrenals. Looking after your body is important but so is looking after your mind.

Why should our Framers come to your class?
Because I’ll get you motivated and working hard but also thinking about how – if you want to improve, technique is everything! I like to take a couple of moments to make sure that is spot on.

What’s your favourite place in London for a stiff drink?
The Ace Hotel – Chill vibes and very dirty martinis.

What’s your biggest release?
Dancing my socks off at Space on my annual ibiza holiday and if I’m lucky enough to get a winter trip; bombing it down a mountain on skis. More frequently would be a good strong-man session with a prowler and battle ropes.

Feeling inspired? Fran will be teaching at Queens Park on Saturday:

HIIT Strength – 8.30am
Frame Cardio – 9.15am and 11.15am

Those times don’t work for you? You can book Fran for some private sessions at a time and place that suits. Check out personal training for more details

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