We want you to get to know our instructors a little better so we sat them down and asked them to talk to us all about health and fitness, their inspiration and their fave naughty treat (because our Frame instructors are all for a naughty treat every now and again!). Did someone say pancakes? Here’s Leilah Isaac.

Hey Leilah! What do you teach at Frame?
At Frame Shoreditch I teach rebounding at 4pm Sunday and Ass and Abs at 4:45pm on Sunday.

I then teach Get Leggy at Kings Cross on a Wednesday at 6pm, and Dance Cardio on a Friday at 7:15pm (a bit of a pre-party for whoever is going out!)

How long have you been teaching at Frame?
I’m brand new! I have been learning routines and covering for a few month. However, my first actual class was a November Sunday!

Tell us more about your training style.
The most important thing about each class is the energy. My style usually involves a lot of jumping, high impact movements and legs flying everywhere – because if you want to sweat you need to work those legs! Nonetheless, I come from a dance background and love movements that flow and look pretty!

I trained in Belly Dance so you might notice random shimmies in the class to spice things up. Whilst each class will work on building lean muscles (from floor to Barre to standing) it will also make you sweat and deserve your healthy meals of the day. My motto: Train mean, eat clean.

If you weren’t an instructor what would you be?
Actually when I’m not an instructor I’m an actor, and when I’m not an actor I try and make films! but if I escaped both of these industries completely I would be a food taster and a chef cooking around the world – starting with the Peru!

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Have you always been into health and fitness?
I have always danced! However, my love of health and fitness began after my 1000th pancake with my best friend. There was a moment we had as teenagers when we realised we are growing, but the wrong way. Then came the gym, dance, more dance, and a whole lot of kale!

Who is your inspiration?
My best friend Kelly. I have seen her transform to the healthy strong woman she is today!

Sum up your class in one sentence.
Energy, sweat, burn – a bit like going to the sun!

Why should we come to your class?
Because you will forget that it’s a workout and simply have a wonderful time. (Because that’s what Frame is all about!)

We love healthy eating, but we all like something naughty – what’s your weakness?
Pancakes! I’m obsessed with them and even though I try and make them healthy, I end up making too many! My second weakness is cake – but I really shouldn’t talk about that too loudly!

Name three workout songs that you love?
Hot- Inna
Commander – Kelly Rowland
Just dance – Lady Gaga

What’s your favourite place in London to get a drink?
I don’t actually drink much, but I like comedy and the pub in Angel Islington ( in Camden passage) has both!

What’s your go-to snack?
Apples and carrots!

My favourite time of day is…
Morning – because I love breakfast

My pet peeve is…
People who do not eat! Like, I will personally feed you!

Leila teaches Ass & Abs, Get Leggy and Dance Cardio at Frame Shoreditch and Frame Kings Cross. BOOK NOW.

For more on health and fitness, check out Leilah’s blog Belli Fit.

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